5 Ways to Balance the Day.

5 Ways to Balance the Day.

Do you ever wonder how can I balance my day when I have so much to do each day?

For me, making such a big change at this stage in life can be nerve-racking.  It was hard to take the leap but once I decided I was ready it became easier.    Even though I am happy with my decision, moving takes its toll.  It felt like packing took forever and now I am hoping the unpacking doesn’t take twice that long.

So with all the changes I still need to find my balance.  I have work, school, and unpacking I have to deal with for right now, in addition to transferring my addresses, insurance, car, and all the other things that come with such a big move.  Where do you begin?  All I know, is this is the perfect time to change the bad habits of procrastinating, and organization, and make the change as I settle in to my new surroundings.  Is that asking too much?  Am I putting too much on my plate?  Time will tell I guess.

After much thought I think the 5 best ways I will be able to balance my day is to:

Write a list before I go to bed of all the things I want to accomplish tomorrow.

Writing a list could put everything in perspective.  It can allow me to see what I need to do and then I could prioritize the list in order of importance.  This will also provide a visual of what needs to be done first and in what order the rest needs to be done.

Set myself up with boundaries and stay within those boundaries to get each project done.

Boundaries, Ha… This should be a nice challenge as to setting boundaries and staying within those boundaries.

Focus on the task at hand and not get sidetracked.

Another Ha….  Sidetrack is my middle name.  I found myself saying “Squirrel” all the time.  You know the kids movie “Up” where the dog would say “squirrel” whenever he would lose focus.  haha.  Prioritizing is one thing, staying focus is a whole other ball game.  My goal is to set time limits for each task and focus only on that task.  I am sure this will be work in progress but baby steps can make changes happen.  Do you have that same issue with getting sidetracked?  Love to hear your thoughts.

Remain Positive to keep my sanity.

Remaining positive is another challenge.  For the most part I do stay positive throughout the day but there are those overwhelming moments that challenges me to stay on the right path.  I am sure you know what I mean?

Do something for myself each day.

Now this is something I really need to start doing.  I live for my kids and too me they come first. I find myself doing things for them always and never just for me.  Not sure what “for myself” means but I am determined to figure it out.   What do you do for yourself, and only for yourself?  Downtime for me needs to fit into my schedule, how does one do that?  I must schedule that in to help me achieve the other goals.  I guess you can say doing something for yourself will help you stay grounded, and happy.  Don’t you think?

These 5 tips to balance the day will hopefully help juggle the high demands between my job and my personal life.  I find myself having a difficult time getting back into the groove of every day living after I moved.  I am sure in time once I get settled in I should be able to find a routine that will work.

Enjoy your day~ and create one thing that you can be proud of!








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