Hi my name is Doreen the person behind Squirrellyartmama.  I was born and raised in New York.  When I was 21 I went to Hawaii to visit family and ended up living there for 31 years.  My sister moved to Hawaii six months after I did.  Thank god.  I loved having her close to me but then she moved to Kaua’i. I lived on Oahu for 13 years then moved to Kaua’i for 18 years.  Now I reside in Washington State.  It took me 31 years to actually be ready to move off the islands.  But when you know you are ready, you just know.  It makes it so much easier to move.

I am a mom of two beautiful children who I just absolutely love.  My daughter who is in the military left home at 18 right out of High School.   I got to say it was hard to say goodbye to her as she left.  I honestly never thought she would leave the island.  But I understood we all have to leave the nest.  I found myself raising my second child as a single child again.  That was hard.  

So when it was time to decide to move off the island to be with my daughter and have my two kids together again.  It was such an easy decision.  It was one of the best decisions I ever did.  

Life brought many challenges for me through the years that I lost myself through so much of it. I decided to start blogging about my journey hoping this would help my voice through self discovery.   I have been quiet for too long it is time to redefine myself, learn what makes me tick again, and find out what is my creative side.  

Squirrellyartmama evolved because I wanted to share my many different styles of art with everyone.  I have done many craft fairs through the years but I wanted to take it online.  I love what I do and I thought what better way to bring it to life was to blog about it and offer my designs to the everyone.  

I was trying to figure out a catchy name that was fun and creative.   I wanted something that represented where I live, my journey, what I love, and love to do. 

I was sitting outside watching a squirrel run across the fence and started to think of the Disney movie “UP”.  Did you see the movie?  If so do you remember Dug the dog?  He would talk and get distracted and would say “Squirrel”. 

That quote is me in a nutshell.  Did you ever jump from one topic to another? to another? to another?  hahaha

Its funny, I use to watch the chickens back home in Hawaii, now I am watching squirrels.  Haha!  

Can you see where I am going with this?

Then there is art…I love talking crafts with others.  Learning new ways to be creative.  I have been fun trying to find new ways to be creative.  I have done many craft fairs in the past but with the big move from Hawaii to PNW I wanted to change up a few things. 

So this year I challenged myself to paint daily and create different types of art.  And if you see my art you can tell that I am all over the place with it.  But I am loving the process, and isn’t that what art is all about? 

I love arts and crafts so I would make cards, paper mache’, play with clay, and it just goes on from there.  

And as for mama…I just figured since I am a mother, why not.  Of course to be different I used that spelling….so there you have it.

When I was putting together the name Squirrellyartmama I called a friend and left her a message, “When you here Squirrellyartmama, what comes to mind?” ok she thought I was nuts….haha no pun intended.

Of course after leaving her a message I sent her a couple of funny squirrely youtube songs related to squirrels, and squirrely….I was cracking up when I sent her this.  Of course I got the response of WTH are you doing now…hahaha…

After explaining everything to her…the main thing I noticed is she just laughed.  The name did just what I wanted it to do, make people smile. 

Can I see it as a brand name? Yes I think so. 

Is it a fun name? I think so.

Is it creative? I think so.

Is it unique? I think so!

Does it represent me?  Yup I think so…

Exciting right? I love Squirrellyartmama because it just says it all…..

Squirrellyartmama ~ Where art is all over the place!

Hope you enjoy the name Squirrellyartmama and the website as much as I do.