Squirrellyartmama evolved because I wanted to share my many different styles of art with everyone.  To do that I first had to come up with a domain name.

I was trying to figure out a catchy name that was fun and creative.   I wanted something that represented where I live, my journey, what I love, and love to do. 

I was sitting outside watching a squirrel run across the fence and started to think of the movie UP.  Remember Doug the dog?  He would talk and get distracted and would say “Squirrel”.  I started to laugh and thought I love squirrels and that dog.  I use that reference often when people go from one topic to another.  “Squirrel”  haha!  

Its funny, I use to watch the chickens back home in Hawaii, now I am watching squirrels.  Haha!  

Then there is art…I love talking crafts with others.  Learning new ways to be creative.  I have been fun trying to find new ways to be creative.  I have done many craft fairs in the past but with the big move from Hawaii to PNW I wanted to change up a few things. 

So this year I challenged myself to paint daily and create different types of art.  And if you see my art you can tell that I am all over the place with it.  But I am loving the process, and isn’t that what art is all about? 

I love arts and crafts so I would make cards, paper mache’, play with clay, and it just goes on from there.  

And as for mama…I just figured since I am a mother, why not.  Of course to be different I used that spelling….so there you have it.

When I was putting together the name Squirrellyartmama I called a friend and left her a message, “When you here Squirrellyartmama, what comes to mind?” ok she thought I was nuts….haha no pun intended.

Of course after leaving her a message I sent her a couple of funny squirrely youtube songs related to squirrels, and squirrely….I was cracking up when I sent her this.  Of course I got the response of WTH are you doing now…hahaha…

After explaining everything to her…the main thing I noticed is she just laughed.  The name did just what I wanted it to do, make people smile. 

Can I see it as a brand name? Yes I think so. 

Is it a fun name? I think so.

Is it creative? I think so.

Is it unique? I think so!

Does it represent me?  Yup I think so…

Exciting right? I love Squirrellyartmama because it just says it all…..

Squirrellyartmama ~ Where art is all over the place!

Hope you enjoy the name Squirrellyartmama and the website as much as I do.