So many emotions I feel right now when I think of the word Beginnings! Everyday is a new beginning! It gives us the opportunity to get up in the morning and start fresh. A clean slate! I love that thought, Don’t you?

Making the best of each day is our gift to ourselves. Why not take hold of that gift and just take a moment to appreciate it. You know that feeling when you receive a gift that excitement you have in your gut. We don’t know what is inside it. We just could make guesses. Its the unknown we get excited for, the possibilities, the surprises, and even how it looks so pretty all wrapped up in the wrapping.

I try to remember that when I wake up in the morning. Each day is our gift and it is up to us to either rip the wrapping off, and go through the day full speed ahead or just take a moment to appreciate what possibilities it offers us. I know I have had many days that I went full speed ahead. Countless days. Some turned out great while others not so much. Can’t rewind time, can we now? I know we wish sometimes, if only I did that different today. Well each morning when we open our eyes we do have a chance to make different choices so why not.

Embrace just waking up and being grateful for that in itself before taking the next step to start your day, and just sit and enjoy that moment, that quiet, that moment of beginning a new day. Before you take off running.

I am grateful for so many things in my life right now. My past is part of who I was yesterday but it does not have to define me today because when I woke up this morning I have the chance to start fresh, a new beginning!

Love that!!!

I am where I am supposed to be right now and for that I am grateful to be here. I won’t beat myself up for the poor choices I made in the past, the rough emotional turmoil I experienced just to get here. What I can do is be grateful I am living in a much more peaceful and untoxic environment right now. I am grateful for hanging in there and finally seeing the light. Now my choice is my choice from this day forward and boy oh boy I know I deserve it or shall I say we deserve a new beginning!

So here I am writing the first post in this year getting ready to change my life again. Why not! Today is a new day so lets make it a productive one, a day full of smiles and laughter, a day for change!


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