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Card challenge 5

Card Painting Challenge

This week our goal was to make something using pink, yellow, and green.   Looks like we achieved that goal.

A couple of us made cards and others did a painting which I am so happy to have people join my sister and I in these challenges.  The main goal is to have fun and see what comes from those colors.

This week we had Zekiah and Byron join us in the fun!


Over the mountains water color by Zekiah


Tentacles watercolor by Byron

Looks like he may have used ink too..



Chillin by Hayley

Looks like watercolor and pencil



Floral beauty watercolor by Renee


Watercolor pinky the pig card by Doreen


Watercolor Shell of a Day by Darlene









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Daily Painting June 2019 Day 81 Underwater

Have you ever seen a rooster with snorkle gear? Haha well now you have. This was a challenge to decide how to incorporate a rooster when the prompt was underwater.

After making a few sketches I decided on this one. Just me having fun.

Tomorrow is about Vegetables. Still not sure what I am going to do about that prompt.

Love ideas. So if you have a few ideas on what to paint. I would love to hear about them.

Have a great day! Until tomorrow.

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Daily Painting June 2019 Day 79 Tomato

Watercolor painting 5.5″ x 8″ by

What can I say other than this is a Rooster watering his tomato plant. This is my attempt of keeping up with my goal of daily painting and incorporating a rooster in each sketch. Of course with a rooster you normally see them destroying the crop however wouldn’t it be nice if they contribute instead?
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Card Challenge 4

Art Challenge #4

For this challenge we had a limited color palette. Blue, Brown and White. Look what everyone created. Love each one….so unique!

Welcome Hayley to our challenge. Look at you great card for Fathers Day!!! Hand drawn illustration. Love it! Great creativity!
by Darlene
Hand drawn sketch of peacock using watercolor. Some hearts that sparkle and a sentiment stamp. Got to say sis you got the artist in you coming out!!!!!
by Doreen
Flower stamp with blue tombow pen, wink a stella and a small gem wrapped up in a pretty brown bow.
by Renee
Used color pencils and her artist skills to create this great card of a dragon fly “go with the flow” Someone has skills!!!!