Picnic Watercolor painting Picnic by Doreen If you  ever went on a picnic you would get visitors no matter big or small.  Some little critter would chime agnes visit looking for a taste of something yummy. You give one more will come. Would your rather a rooster family visit or ants?  

Card Painting Challenge This week our goal was to make something using pink, yellow, and green.   Looks like we achieved that goal. A couple of us made cards and others did a painting which I am so happy to have people join my sister and I in these challenges.  The main goal is to have […]

Have you ever seen a rooster with snorkle gear? Haha well now you have. This was a challenge to decide how to incorporate a rooster when the prompt was underwater. After making a few sketches I decided on this one. Just me having fun. Tomorrow is about Vegetables. Still not sure what I am going […]

Watercolor Mixed Media painting “Sand” by Doreen For this painting I immediately decided to mix it up with some real sand from Kaua’i. I had fun with this one. I am really enjoying painting roosters and incorporating them into my daily paintings for the month. I also included some stickles and glitter glue. Fun and […]

Watercolor painting 5.5″ x 8″ by DoreenWhat can I say other than this is a Rooster watering his tomato plant. This is my attempt of keeping up with my goal of daily painting and incorporating a rooster in each sketch. Of course with a rooster you normally see them destroying the crop however wouldn’t it […]

Art Challenge #4 For this challenge we had a limited color palette. Blue, Brown and White. Look what everyone created. Love each one….so unique! Welcome Hayley to our challenge. Look at you great card for Fathers Day!!! Hand drawn illustration. Love it! Great creativity! by Darlene Hand drawn sketch of peacock using watercolor. Some hearts […]