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Daily Painting Day 1

“Diligent Freedom”

For my first day of daily paintings I found a photo on Instagram shared by @wildlifeplanet and the Photo/Caption by @hikester_ of an eagle.

What an amazing photo capture it is…..Don’t you think?  I just fell in love with this photo and wanted to challenge myself to paint it.

Of course mine looks a bit different but that is ok because I was able to capture what I felt from the photo into my painting.

Diligent Freedom by Doreen Bowers

This is a 5″ x 7″  acrylic painting  on a Artist Canvas board.  The name “Diligent Freedom” just seemed so fitting for this piece and for what my goals are for this challenge.

Hope you like!  I am actually pleased with the way it came out because I do have to say when I sketched the bird on the board it almost looked like a bird from whoville, Dr. Seuss…haha…

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How to Stay Committed to a Routine

This title is so suitable for all that I am going through right now.  How does one stay committed to a daily routine?  How does one create a routine and stick with it?  How many days repeating a system does it become a routine? When does it all come a routine?

That is my question for the day!  So how does a new habit become a routine?  Or when does the habit be called a routine?  Haha just a few more questions.  Do you have the answer?

I have googled the heck out of those questions and so many different answers I have found.  I have heard people say if you do it for three weeks it becomes a routine.  Yea I am not a believer.  It may become easier to do each day but you can easily lose focus and get sidetracked.

So my theory is that commitment is the key to how you can establish a routine.  If you want it to become a routine than you have to fight through those moments of “I am not in the mood” or “I will do it later.”  If you keep it up every day and force yourself to just do it now then you have a fighting chance of it becoming a routine.

I know that if that switch comes on in my head of something I want than it is easier to achieve the goal.  You really got to want it for it to become a reality.  I could say create a list of things to do and check it off as you do them.  But even that has to become a routine, something you make a routine.  Checklists will help you remember all the things you have to do, and it can help you focus on one line at a time if you get overwhelmed.

Think about those goals that you need to do but you don’t want too.  I won’t even name them because you know what I am talking about.  Journaling can help you figure out what is important in your life.  But remember if you journal be honest with your journal and don’t just write certain things down.  Haha I have done that with food journals.  Too funny.  If I snuck in a few pieces of candy I would write down one.

So basically what I am saying is to create a routine you must develop some type of commitment to that goal.  If you really want it you can have it, just manifest it.  It will get easier over some time and become part of your daily routine.  Good luck with that!  Love to hear how you think about creating a routine?  And what you did for it to become a reality?


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Starting Over

How do you start over in somewhere new? 

That is what I just did at the age of 52.  When I was 21 I went to Hawaii for a two week vacation to visit my Grandfather for his birthday.  My best friend of mine was suppose to come with and decided she was going to St. Croix instead with her boyfriend.  So I decided if I like Hawaii I will figure out a way to stay. I honestly did not think it would happen.   After spending time with my grandparents in Maui, I went over to visit my Aunty and Uncle and Aunty on Oahu.  Toward the end of my vacation they said if I wanted to stay I can live with them until I get on my feet.   How exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

Once I made my decision and I missed my return flight I felt reality hitting and somewhat lost.  I really did not know anyone except for the family I just met two weeks before.  They lived in the country which I was not accustomed too.  It was a hard adjustment and all I wanted to do was give up and go home.  Then my sister and her husband decided they wanted to move here too.  So they moved here six months after I did.

Once I got a job and met people I never looked back and had such a great time on the island.  There were times through the years I thought I want to move back to New York but did not know how to leave the island, I came to truly love.  I moved so many times around Oahu until I moved over to Kaua’i.  July 2017 made 31 years living in Hawaii.   I waited till my anniversary date to take the next step and move to the mainland.

After my daughter left for the military I thought to myself I am ready to move but I just did not know where.  I really did not want to go back to New York even though my friends and family are there.  I I made a life in Hawaii and my friends and family was here too.  All I knew is I just wanted to be with my kids.

Once my daughter got settled and found a place that she liked I would consider moving near her.   After her active duty she decided to go into the Reserves..  She got stationed in Washington State.  She lived in Washington for a year as an active soldier and decided she really liked living in Washington State.  So she asked if I would be willing to move to there.  The last time I was in Washington was when I was pregnant with her 24 years ago.

We came to visit this past Christmas.  And my son came on his own for two weeks.   And after some time visiting and seeing that my son really wanted to be close to his sister I thought, it was time.  Once I made the decision I knew I was ready.  I could see myself somewhere else, and not on the island.  That never happened before.  That is when you know you are ready, something just clicks.

Moving is stressful especially after living in the same place for so long.  I think it was easier as a young naïve girl but now with kids and animals it was a difficult decision.  The idea of moving to a new State was exciting, and scary at the same time because of so many unknowns.  Then there was leaving my sister and nieces.  That was the hardest decision.  I would have loved to bring them with but they are not ready to leave.  Even though my sister understood why I was leaving, it still was so hard to say goodbye to her, my nieces, and my friends.

The cost to move, and packing was no fun but I did clean out so many things.  I love that I am in a new city with so many stores, and places to explore.  That is so exciting.  Then there is the change of weather.

To think I haven’t seen Fall in 31 years.  Look at what I was missing.  What a pretty leaf.  Can’t wait to see the colors change on the trees.  It is so exciting.  This picture was taken on the table that I refurbished.  As an artist and crafter I immediately started thinking of all the things I could make with these leaves.

Now that I am here and been here for a couple of weeks, now what?  I have some unpacking to still do, my work is now done remotely, my schooling is almost finished, I have to get my son in school, and then I need to figure out what I want to do to get some time outside the house.  I gather once I start doing craft fairs again I will meet people and hopefully create friendships but the thought of starting over in a big city, so different from being on a small island just scares me.  Will I start feeling lonely?  Will I decide to get a job elsewhere just to get out of the house?  Will I love working remotely?  I know I love being at home and the thought of working from it is exciting but in a new city where I know no one is different.  If I still lived in Hawaii working from home would have been perfect.

So many unknowns in my future.  It is exciting and it makes me very nervous at the same time.  However this is a great chance to make a better life for myself and my family.  I achieved so much in Hawaii and now I can see such a better future for me here.

You will know when you are ready to move, you can feel it in your gut.  Once you make the decision like I did, remember that you are creating new beginnings, a fresh start, and a new future.  I do believe that change must happen for us to continue to grow.  Its ok to be nervous but know that is temporary.  Settling in will take time but it is all worth the wait.

Continue to dream big, reach for the stars, and make what you want happen.

Manifest your goals, see it happen…..and only you can make that goal a reality!




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Motivate Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

How to Motivate Yourself in 5 Easy Steps

In order to motivate yourself you need to focus, have confidence, and have a goal to achieve.  Easy enough right, haha.  What happens when write out a list of things to do and you become overwhelmed?  Do you just shut down, or you do you find a way to motivate yourself to get the work done?

I know I have in the past just rolled over and went back to sleep because I just could not motivate.  At those moments there were certain things I had to do that was way out of my comfort zone.   But what I realized that no matter how long I shut down the work needs to get done. So I have found that in just a few easy steps I can motivate myself and push myself out of that funk.


Take a moment and breathe!  Take a few breathes if needed.  Find a way to relax so you can assess the situation.  Look at the pros and cons of the situation and realize that it is ok to have this feeling.  I know I have felt this overwhelming feeling before, doing something out of my comfort zone.  Encourage yourself to take the next step, because when you do take that step you will realize that everything will be ok.

Focus on One Project at a Time

First, you should just focus on the first task and ignore the rest for now.  Work on that project until it is complete.  Breakdown the project into smaller steps will help you overcome the overwhelming feeling.  You will be surprised how quickly the project is completed and ready to take on the next project.

Believe in Yourself

Assess the situation by learning your strengths.  You can accomplish this by sitting down and making a list of all your achievements.  Once you compile this list you will start to see a pattern.  A list of skills will start to become apparent and you will learn what are your strengths.  Take those skills and use them to achieve the goals that are attainable.  Writing down all your achievements will help give you a new insight of how amazing you are.

Build your Confidence

When I think of building my confidence I make a list either on paper or a quick rundown in my head of the things that I enjoy most.  Like right now I see that I love making lists, haha.  My sister writes everything on sticky notes.  List after list.  Mostly the lists are of things to do, but she has so many lists, and then she compiles the list.  As for me I love notebooks and pens.  Love, love them.  Ok it is an addiction.  My argument is they make me happy, and help me organize my lists.

Ok sorry, got side -tracked.  “Squirrel”

Once I identify my strengths I use that to overcome my weak points about myself.   Surrounding yourself with confident people can help boost your confidence or even surrounding yourself with people that just makes you feel good about yourself is so refreshing.  Talk to family and friends and ask them what they think about you.   If they are family or friends then they should not  shoot you down, but if they do listen to what they have to say, make a mental note of it, and accept the constructive criticism gracefully.  Next assess the situation to determine if what they say is true and you can improve in those areas, or determine if that person is just a negative-nancy and their comments are not even relevant.

Building your confidence is a process so don’t beat yourself up, try new things out of your comfort zone, surround yourself with positivity,  and you just may be surprised how it can boost your confidence.  If you fall just get back up, brush it off, and keep trekking forward.

Do Something You Enjoy to Help Motivate You in Other Areas

First thing that comes to mind for me is listening to upbeat music.  Love to hear a song that just energizes me, and makes me smile.  I truly believe that music can help perk you up and motivate me to take the next step.

Another thing that comes to mind is watching an uplifting movie to help motivate you.  Depending on what you need motivation in, find a show that can help you achieve your goal.

For example,   I know you may think this is corny but the other day I was watching Flea Market Flip.  I just love that show.  They take run down products, and refurbish them, and make them look all brand new.  Then they turn around and flip the product for two to three times the money.  Well after watching a couple of episodes , I got so motivated to start my projects, I turned off the TV and went outside and started sanding, and painting my tables.  You can see them on my previous posts.  Love it!

In the mornings I take a moment to write a list of what I am grateful for.  Throughout my day I think of the things that I am so thankful for, and then I add this to my gratitude list..  You will be surprised at how this can motivate you.  Life gets much easier to face, and helps me get excited about what needs to be done today.

Motivation can be found in so many ways.  Surround yourself with positive, take baby steps, focus,  and keep trying new things.

Even if you are not crafty try doodling, or just be crafty in other areas that can help you achieve your goal.  Come to think of it crafty doesn’t have to mean you need to make something with your hands, it just means you need to be creative.  Just give it a chance you may be surprised about what you can achieve.  Believe in yourself because you are worth the investment.

Ok so these are my thoughts for today….



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5 Ways to Balance the Day.

Do you ever wonder how can I balance my day when I have so much to do each day?

For me, making such a big change at this stage in life can be nerve-racking.  It was hard to take the leap but once I decided I was ready it became easier.    Even though I am happy with my decision, moving takes its toll.  It felt like packing took forever and now I am hoping the unpacking doesn’t take twice that long.

So with all the changes I still need to find my balance.  I have work, school, and unpacking I have to deal with for right now, in addition to transferring my addresses, insurance, car, and all the other things that come with such a big move.  Where do you begin?  All I know, is this is the perfect time to change the bad habits of procrastinating, and organization, and make the change as I settle in to my new surroundings.  Is that asking too much?  Am I putting too much on my plate?  Time will tell I guess.

After much thought I think the 5 best ways I will be able to balance my day is to:

Write a list before I go to bed of all the things I want to accomplish tomorrow.

Writing a list could put everything in perspective.  It can allow me to see what I need to do and then I could prioritize the list in order of importance.  This will also provide a visual of what needs to be done first and in what order the rest needs to be done.

Set myself up with boundaries and stay within those boundaries to get each project done.

Boundaries, Ha… This should be a nice challenge as to setting boundaries and staying within those boundaries.

Focus on the task at hand and not get sidetracked.

Another Ha….  Sidetrack is my middle name.  I found myself saying “Squirrel” all the time.  You know the kids movie “Up” where the dog would say “squirrel” whenever he would lose focus.  haha.  Prioritizing is one thing, staying focus is a whole other ball game.  My goal is to set time limits for each task and focus only on that task.  I am sure this will be work in progress but baby steps can make changes happen.  Do you have that same issue with getting sidetracked?  Love to hear your thoughts.

Remain Positive to keep my sanity.

Remaining positive is another challenge.  For the most part I do stay positive throughout the day but there are those overwhelming moments that challenges me to stay on the right path.  I am sure you know what I mean?

Do something for myself each day.

Now this is something I really need to start doing.  I live for my kids and too me they come first. I find myself doing things for them always and never just for me.  Not sure what “for myself” means but I am determined to figure it out.   What do you do for yourself, and only for yourself?  Downtime for me needs to fit into my schedule, how does one do that?  I must schedule that in to help me achieve the other goals.  I guess you can say doing something for yourself will help you stay grounded, and happy.  Don’t you think?

These 5 tips to balance the day will hopefully help juggle the high demands between my job and my personal life.  I find myself having a difficult time getting back into the groove of every day living after I moved.  I am sure in time once I get settled in I should be able to find a routine that will work.

Enjoy your day~ and create one thing that you can be proud of!








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Craft Room Design

Craft Room Design update Day 2.   It is actually funny that I am writing about a craft room design update when it will be both my office area as well as a craft room.  It shall be interesting to get both into this room.  I had the choice of two rooms but of course I chose my bedroom to be bigger instead of this room.  I love the view from the bedroom so much better.  If you look in this picture there is a room right out the window and there is a room next door.  My son got the other room because we can so see him climbing out of this window and working his way out in the middle of the night.  Nothing like anticipating something my son will do as he becomes a teenager in High School.

As I took this picture I wish all those boxes were not there but the thought of moving those boxes were just not something I am ready to do again.  Soon enough I will have no choice since I have so much more in the garage that needs to make its way up to the room.

Here is table #2 refurbished. This one has two stools that I still need to finish…well actually start.  The goal is to start sanding tomorrow.  This one I am thinking may be in the center of the room



I did this one in black cherry stain as well.  Today I put the polyurethane coating on the tables.


I was really busy working today so  no time to do my furniture improvements.  So right now I have two stools, one file cabinet, and a small corner table for an office to do.  I am torn if I should do another piece of furniture.  Its kind of large with little cubbies.  Should I do them all over so they completely match or have two different types of wood furniture in the room?  That is my dilemma.  We will see.  Love input if you want to share with me your thoughts.

As for the walls I think I am going to keep it a crème color because I am sure my paintings and other pieces will pop on the wall.

Well it is late and I am fighting keeping my eyes open.  Until tomorrow then!  Have a great morning and I do hope you find my craft room design entertaining enough for you to come back and visit again.



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My Craft Room Design

Craft Room Design Project

My craft room design project is something that I am so excited to start.  Not sure what I want to do yet so I  just figured I would start by repainting my furniture.



Desk #1  This one is my office desk.  I decided to paint the furniture using a black cherry stain.

First I had to wipe it down, and then sanded it.  My son helped me do the sanding on this one.

This picture has about three coats on it.  I think I am good to go.  Tomorrow I need to put a polyurethane coating to seal in the stain.  I was totally tempted to incorporate my first fall leaf in over 30 years into the table.

My Matson container came the other day and oh boy so much to unpack.  My daughter said “Mom most of your things say craft room and office, and the other huge pile is my Christmas things”.  Haha yup I have an addiction and a few of them are crafting, computers, and holidays.

So thankfully I have a room to put my craft supplies and office supplies now. And since I started a blog I figure I would document the progress about the layout of the room.  I haven’t really done any crafting for a little while now since I was packing and making such a huge move.  My last craft fair was the end of May because I had so much to do.  And replenishing the craft products was quite challenging since I was packing.

I will take pictures and blog about my journey in setting it up.  Not sure how it will end up only because I have a hodge-podge of things I could not let go when I moved.   Haha…. and my design techniques are to be questioned if you even want to call it design techniques.

Documenting the progress can help me see it from a different angle…so if you see something that you want to say like “Doreen don’t!” please do not hesitate.


Lets start talking crafts.


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Hi Everyone…Welcome to Talking Crafts

My name is Doreen and I just started this blog to talk about crafting and other topics that may peak my interest as time goes on.

But first a little bit about me….I just made a huge move relocating from Hawaii to the West Coast just to bring my family back together and to make a big change in my life.   I have two children, a daughter in the military and a son who is ten years old.   After 30 plus years and raising my daughter as a single child I thought why not make the move so the kids can be together again.  I did not think my daughter was going to move after high school let alone the military but she did and here I was raising another single child.  I wanted them to be near each other so I decided it was time to make that happen.

While I lived on the islands I had a full-time job, raised my children, went back to school, and dabbled in crafting.  And I am still doing all this however I am just finishing up my very last class toward the Masters program.  I can’t believe I am almost done with school.  It has been a long journey since I started from the beginning in 2009.

Not sure how I juggled so much in a day but I truly believe crafting was my down time.  I loved doing craft fairs over there and look forward to continuing over here in the States.  I think for now I am just going to scope them out to see what is out there and take this downtime to play with my crafting.

Today is a new beginning to the blogging world.  I want to share my experiences through this process.  Why not throw something else into the pot.

So what better way to do that but to start a blog and give it a whirl!

On that note …..Hello World….Dream Big!  Create!  Inspire!  and Love every moment of the day~