Card Making Challenge

Card Making Challenges

Welcome to my card making challenges.

My sister and I started challenging ourselves to make a card using stamps and other embellishments we have.  We only have done a couple so far, but we are ready to do another one.  So I am going to dedicate this page to those challenges, and share the projects we have done thus far.

By all means if you want to join in,  I welcome everyone who is up for the challenge.

It is very exciting to see how different we are in the results using the same stamps.  We realize buying two sets of stamps just to do the challenge is crazy, so our future challenges will be themes with a color palette or other rules we come up with.

Our first challenge my sister and I are the only ones who participated.  We had to use a coffee stamp set and choose one of the stamps on that set.  We had to use one die cut, embellishment, and embossing.

The second challenge my sister, my niece and I did the challenge together.  My niece chose the stamp set from Stampingbella.  And then she said we each will get one stamp from the set to make a card.  How is this my niece got real creative and drew out a new chick and added it to the card.

It was so fun to see how different each of our cards were when they were finished.

The third challenge my sister, my daughter, and I worked on the challenge together.  Again we each have a different vision, too funny.  This set had plenty different birdhouses on it so we left it open to choose which one you wanted to use.  Other than we had to use that stamp set we could do whatever we wanted.  This was another fun challenge.


Each of our cards from the challenge are created as a 4″ x 6″ inch cardstock greeting card

We are in the process of discussing the next challenge.  I will post once we decide what we decide.


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