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Art Challenge with Friends 9

For this week the challenge was to create something with Marine Life Mammal. Now when my sister and I was talking about it we struggle with details. Of course when I sent a text to my friends and said this week create a marine life mammal, that they did. My sister and I created Marine life with a mammal. Hahaha.

A Spa Day by Haley
How creative is this? I love it. She used pencils and markers to create this fun piece of art!
Marine Life Seal by Darlene
Looks like it is all watercolor painting from my sister. How cute!
Sea Horse on Fire by Zekiah
Got to say Z you did an amazing job! Looks like Zekiah used his color pencils for this sketch.
Love the creativity…Way cool!
Octopus View by Doreen
Since this month I have been incorporating an octopus in my daily painting prompts I figured why not add it to this challenge as well. I used watercolor to create this design.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for participating in this week’s challenge. I know everyone is busy but you guys really pulled it off. Each one unique and very creative. it is amazing what is all going on up in our heads. Hahaha. I will post the next challenge soon.

Have a great day!


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Art Challenge with Friends 8

This art prompt for this week was to create your favorite cartoon character. There were no rules other than just present your favorite cartoon character. I have to say everyone came through.

I love everyone’s art work. You can definitely see they had fun with it. And that is all that matters.

Natsu Dragneel by Grady
Welcome Grady to this weeks challenge.
He sketched then colored it in with markers! Good Job.
Bart Simpson by Zekiah
Ok can’t stop laughing every time I look at this sketch. He used colored pencils to sketch a picture of Bart Simpson. Too funny! Great job.
Pluto by Renee
He came out so adorable. Great Job!
She used markers to create this sketch of her favorite cartoon character.
Moana by Hayley
Another make me smile image. Love her expression and the cooky rooster was a great addition. Hayley used color pencils to create her favorite cartoon character.
Winnie the Pooh by Darlene
How adorable….Him and piglet are just too cute for words.
Darlene used paper, glitter and embellishments. Love it!
Bugs Bunny by Doreen. I loved bugs bunny cartoons. I used pens, watercolor, and markers.

Ok another week down.

Thank you everyone for participating in this challenge.

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Art Challenge with Friends 7

This week’s challenge was to draw, sketch or paint buildings or houses which ever you prefer. We did extend the dates because we were a bit busy. And that is ok because this is a no stress challenge. Just for fun.

This is a watercolor sketch by Doreen
I completed this sketch first and then made the one above. I just love playing around with houses, and buildings. Fun!
This was drawn by the Z man.. He jumped in last minute. And look what he came up with! Not bad at all. He did such a great job on perspective and dimension. Fantastic!!! You can find a few of his designs throughout squirrellyartmama.
Watercolor by Renee. I just love the colors you use. I see a book in the making with this sketch.
Watercolor by my sister Darlene. Love it. I want to go there!
Sketch by Kylynn. Great job!
Kylynn joined us this week. Welcome Kylynn so glad you can join us. We look forward to seeing your work in our future challenges.

I will post a new challenge soon. Until then, thank you again for participating. Love having people to paint with. Even though we create in our own homes just knowing others participating and painting with us makes the challenges more exciting.

Have a great day~

Doreen, Squirrellyartmama

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Mixed Media Card Challenge 6

With this challenge we were to design something using blue, purple and brown. The theme was steampunk. This challenge was opened to either creating a card, drawing and or painting. Really was flexible and up to the person to create what inspired them.

I do have to say once again I am in awe of each design. Very creative use of mixed media.

Sketched by Doreen and used ink, watercolor, markers, embellishments, vinyl and cardstock
Sketched by Renee and using watercolor
Sketched by Haley and using watercolor and ink
Steampunk BooBoo by Darlene was created using the BooBoo stamp, ink, watercolor, embossing, and embellishments.
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Daily painting June 2019 Day 85 Sandals



Watercolor painting Sandals by Doreen

Need I explain why I would put sandals on a chicken,  Haha.  The daily prompt was sandals so what else could I do?  Ok I guess I could have had the rooster walking by a pair of sandals but how normal would that have been?   Nope I needed the rooster  to try on some shoes.

I am certain if they could talk they would ask for a pair of shoes. Don’t you think?

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Daily painting June 2019 Day 84 Waterfall


20190626_063238Watercolor Painting Waterfall by Doreen

Wwaterfalls in any size are just beautiful.  I just love the sound of the rushing water…. it is so peaceful.   On Kauai no matter where you went there were roosters everywhere. Now I see crows and ravens everywhere.

I am debating on which I like more.

I think I prefer roosters but then again they really destroy the yard.. so it is a toss up for  me.  Lol

Which would you prefer?