Looks like I was busy for the month of July and forgot to update my daily paintings on this website. However I did stay on top of it in Instagram. So for this month instead of posting individual days I am presenting my gallery.

Sandals Watercolor painting Sandals by Doreen Need I explain why I would put sandals on a chicken,  Haha.  The daily prompt was sandals so what else could I do?  Ok I guess I could have had the rooster walking by a pair of sandals but how normal would that have been?   Nope I needed the […]

Waterfall Watercolor Painting Waterfall by Doreen Wwaterfalls in any size are just beautiful.  I just love the sound of the rushing water…. it is so peaceful.   On Kauai no matter where you went there were roosters everywhere. Now I see crows and ravens everywhere. I am debating on which I like more. I think I […]

Picnic Watercolor painting Picnic by Doreen If you  ever went on a picnic you would get visitors no matter big or small.  Some little critter would chime agnes visit looking for a taste of something yummy. You give one more will come. Would your rather a rooster family visit or ants?  

Have you ever seen a rooster with snorkle gear? Haha well now you have. This was a challenge to decide how to incorporate a rooster when the prompt was underwater. After making a few sketches I decided on this one. Just me having fun. Tomorrow is about Vegetables. Still not sure what I am going […]

Watercolor Mixed Media painting “Sand” by Doreen For this painting I immediately decided to mix it up with some real sand from Kaua’i. I had fun with this one. I am really enjoying painting roosters and incorporating them into my daily paintings for the month. I also included some stickles and glitter glue. Fun and […]