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Mixed Media Card Challenge 6

With this challenge we were to design something using blue, purple and brown. The theme was steampunk. This challenge was opened to either creating a card, drawing and or painting. Really was flexible and up to the person to create what inspired them.

I do have to say once again I am in awe of each design. Very creative use of mixed media.

Sketched by Doreen and used ink, watercolor, markers, embellishments, vinyl and cardstock
Sketched by Renee and using watercolor
Sketched by Haley and using watercolor and ink
Steampunk BooBoo by Darlene was created using the BooBoo stamp, ink, watercolor, embossing, and embellishments.
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Card challenge 5

Card Painting Challenge

This week our goal was to make something using pink, yellow, and green.   Looks like we achieved that goal.

A couple of us made cards and others did a painting which I am so happy to have people join my sister and I in these challenges.  The main goal is to have fun and see what comes from those colors.

This week we had Zekiah and Byron join us in the fun!


Over the mountains water color by Zekiah


Tentacles watercolor by Byron

Looks like he may have used ink too..



Chillin by Hayley

Looks like watercolor and pencil



Floral beauty watercolor by Renee


Watercolor pinky the pig card by Doreen


Watercolor Shell of a Day by Darlene









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Card Challenge 4

Art Challenge #4

For this challenge we had a limited color palette. Blue, Brown and White. Look what everyone created. Love each one….so unique!

Welcome Hayley to our challenge. Look at you great card for Fathers Day!!! Hand drawn illustration. Love it! Great creativity!
by Darlene
Hand drawn sketch of peacock using watercolor. Some hearts that sparkle and a sentiment stamp. Got to say sis you got the artist in you coming out!!!!!
by Doreen
Flower stamp with blue tombow pen, wink a stella and a small gem wrapped up in a pretty brown bow.
by Renee
Used color pencils and her artist skills to create this great card of a dragon fly “go with the flow” Someone has skills!!!!
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Card Challenge 3

Art Challenge #3

This is our 3 Art challenge and the goal was to create a design using purple and green. This week Renee joined my sister and I in this challenge. As I continue to post these challenges I will definitely get better detail as to what products each person used. Work in progress….all for fun though!

by Darlene
The “Love” is a die cut, and the sentiment a stamp. The background she did a water color over a stream of christmas light stamp and she changed it up and made this beautiful array of flowers draping down the card! Very creative!!!
by Renee
Welcome Renee to our weekly challenge! In this sketch Renee used her colored pencils. She said she did not have purple so she improvised! Great job Renee!!!!
by Doreen
This card was a floral butterfly stamp. I mixed my ink using green and purple ink pad. Then I could not stop there so I added green sparkling stickles by Ranger. Then I embellished with little silver gems and green homemade paper.
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Card Challenge 2

Art Challenge #2

This is our second card challenge with my sister. The goal was to create a card using only two colors. “Yellow and Black”

by Doreen – Bee Yellow
I used glossy medium for the honeycomb backing with a honeycomb stencil. Die cuts for the circles and I drew the little bee. I also use
by Darlene Birch Yellow Card
My sisters card is so stinking adorable. This little stamp
“Birch” is made by Purple Onion Designs and she painted the background using watercolor.
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Card Challenge 1

Art Challenge #1

It’s been awhile since I made a card so I suggested to my sister,  let’s make a card using only 2 colors.   Figured that would be a challenge to very u.s. out if out funk and start creating.  Then my kids wanted to participate in the challenge.   What an added bonus.  Love  when they partake in creating something with me.

The two colors were red and orange. And could only use primary colors.. no pastels. I decided that because my sister hardly ever  creates cards with vibrant bright colors.   It was so much fun  to create.



Go figure how many different colors you can get with just two  colors.


Our next change is a yellow and black card.  I will post real soon.