With this challenge we were to design something using blue, purple and brown. The theme was steampunk. This challenge was opened to either creating a card, drawing and or painting. Really was flexible and up to the person to create what inspired them. I do have to say once again I am in awe of […]

Card Painting Challenge This week our goal was to make something using pink, yellow, and green.   Looks like we achieved that goal. A couple of us made cards and others did a painting which I am so happy to have people join my sister and I in these challenges.  The main goal is to have […]

Art Challenge #4 For this challenge we had a limited color palette. Blue, Brown and White. Look what everyone created. Love each one….so unique! Welcome Hayley to our challenge. Look at you great card for Fathers Day!!! Hand drawn illustration. Love it! Great creativity! by Darlene Hand drawn sketch of peacock using watercolor. Some hearts […]

Art Challenge #3 This is our 3 Art challenge and the goal was to create a design using purple and green. This week Renee joined my sister and I in this challenge. As I continue to post these challenges I will definitely get better detail as to what products each person used. Work in progress….all […]

Art Challenge #2 This is our second card challenge with my sister. The goal was to create a card using only two colors. “Yellow and Black” by Doreen – Bee YellowI used glossy medium for the honeycomb backing with a honeycomb stencil. Die cuts for the circles and I drew the little bee. I also […]

Art Challenge #1 It’s been awhile since I made a card so I suggested to my sister,  let’s make a card using only 2 colors.   Figured that would be a challenge to very u.s. out if out funk and start creating.  Then my kids wanted to participate in the challenge.   What an added bonus.  Love  […]