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Going nuts daily is about all things happening in  everyday life.  I am pretty confident to say that I am not the only one going nuts daily.  Time is wasted on flipping out over the poor choices we make throughout the year.  I am not going to freak out and beat myself up any longer.

We wake up with good intentions of making the right choices only to end up at the end of the day looking back and saying OMG!  What the heck was I thinking and why did I make those choices.

I jumped from one thing to another all day long.  I call them “Squirrel moments”  “Squirrel”  “Squirrel” “Squirrel” I need to change it to “Focus” “Focus” “Focus.”

So much is spinning around in my head right now that I truly need to hold myself accountable and put the focus back toward my main goal.

And the main goal is my self discovery to my creative self.  What does that mean? It means my health, fitness, and life goals.  I do know that I need to put myself on the right path to self discovery. So tired of hiding and beating myself up for bad choices.

I will start with this, Dear Brain, “Please Shut Up!”

I came across this sign in Snohomish Washington, I wish I bought it.  Maybe I will need to go back and do just that.  If only I could remember the store.  For now, I will just embrace the sign on this blog and repeat its words.  Dear Brain, “Please Shut Up!”

This is my journey through the process of coming out of my shell.  No longer hiding or caring what other people think about me.  We get so wrapped up in what people think and the only person we should care about is ourselves, and what we think.  It is time to take ownership of my life and put things in place where they belong.

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