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Daily painting June 2019 Day 85 Sandals



Watercolor painting Sandals by Doreen

Need I explain why I would put sandals on a chicken,  Haha.  The daily prompt was sandals so what else could I do?  Ok I guess I could have had the rooster walking by a pair of sandals but how normal would that have been?   Nope I needed the rooster  to try on some shoes.

I am certain if they could talk they would ask for a pair of shoes. Don’t you think?

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Card challenge 5

Card Painting Challenge

This week our goal was to make something using pink, yellow, and green.   Looks like we achieved that goal.

A couple of us made cards and others did a painting which I am so happy to have people join my sister and I in these challenges.  The main goal is to have fun and see what comes from those colors.

This week we had Zekiah and Byron join us in the fun!


Over the mountains water color by Zekiah


Tentacles watercolor by Byron

Looks like he may have used ink too..



Chillin by Hayley

Looks like watercolor and pencil



Floral beauty watercolor by Renee


Watercolor pinky the pig card by Doreen


Watercolor Shell of a Day by Darlene