Daily Painting April 2019 Day 1 “Art Supplies”

Art Supplies by Doreen Bowers 4/1/2019 Day 1

Time for me to start up my daily painting again. This month the goal is to celebrate art through a child’s eyes. I thought this was a perfect thing to get me back into practicing. Thanks to another Doodlewash challenge.

Got to say Doodlewash helps motivate me to practice painting by providing ideas each day. Of course squeezing in the time to do this is a whole other story.

Right now I am working on scheduling time on my calendar each day so I can complete this daily.

For Day 1 of the daily painting challenge for April 2019 was “art supplies”.

Not sure why but I immediately thought of Bob Ross because of his paint pallet and art stand. I remember him on TV when I was younger and always wanted a paint pallet and art stand just like his. I thought that was so cool. I figured if I had that I could be an awesome painter too. I look forward to the day that I can go woosh woosh and create masterpieces like his starting with a single stroke. For this painting I did woosh woosh and drew stick people hahaha. It reminded me of my first drawings. So until I create the masterpiece I will continue to practice practice practice.

Have a great day!




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