Daily Painting April 2019 Day 2 “Marbles”

Daily Painting 4/2/2019 Day 2 “Marbles”

For Day 2 of the daily painting it was all about “Marbles”. I immediately thought of Tootles on Lost Boys. The Peter Pan story. You know, the old man that kept looking for his bag of marbles. The bag of marbles represented his happy thoughts. So why not paint a bag full of happy thoughts. I just loved marbles as a kid. They were fun to play with. Awhile back my son found a marble and he asked me to hold it. I held that marble in my jacket for over a year. And every time I pulled it out of my pocket I would think of my son and how happy he was when he found the marble. A year later we were walking in a park and I said oh yea I have something for you, hold out your hand. When he did I handed him the marble and he just started to laugh. More so because he could not believe I still had it.

Memories are the best! That was my most recent happy thought about marbles.

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