Daily Painting

~Do a little each day, and embrace the changes~

by Doreen Bowers

8″ x 10″ in.  Acrylic Painting with Kauai Sand on Mixed media paper.

I challenged myself to paint for 31 days straight to see what I can produce.  To my surprise I found the challenge quite exciting.  I realized through this journey I learned discipline by committing each day to a new project.  What I also learned is that I don’t have to finish a project each day, that I should just commit to painting everyday and document my progress.

Toward the end of April I had to head back to the east coast for a family emergency.  I tried to continue to paint everyday but found it too much for me to complete.  So I took time off.  I stayed in New York for over a month and did work on a couple of small paintings.  I did paint but I stopped posting.  Now hear we are the end of June and I want to get back into the swing of things.  So my plan is to get back into some type of creative project each day.  This should include a painting a day as well.  I want to continue to add to my gallery of paintings to help improve and document my progress.  I will start this on July 1st because I want to figure out how I am going to do this.  My main goal is to improve and learn how to paint better.  Becoming a daily painter is exciting because who knows what I will paint next. Haha

The Daily Painting Challenge

~Baby steps will lead to great achievements~

My daily painting journey will include a variety of things to include painting using acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, and oil paints.

What better way to learn what you like is to challenge yourself. Not sure what I will paint but that is my challenge.

No limitations!

I will  continue to document my progress daily as well. Again no pressure, haha.

I know this will be work in progress and a huge commitment to myself. But I do believe I need to continue this challenge to motivate myself and to help me grow as an artist. I figure if I paint daily I will only improve as time goes by.

~My Daily Paintings ~

April 2018 – March 2018

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