Daily Painting Day 10

“Mailbox Peak Trail” Washington

Day 10 is here!  I can’t believe I have been painting 10 tens straight.  I got to say that deserves a pat on the back!  Ok, done!!

I started this painting Friday for Day 9 but was not ready to post it because it was in rough form.  The thought of posting it was hard for me.  I really only wanted to post finished paintings.  Now that it is finished I will gladly show you what I did not want to post so you can see what I mean as well as compare the two.

Mailbox Peak Trail Before Picture…

“Mailbox Peak Trail” Washington

by Doreen J. Bowers

8″ x 10″  Acrylic painting on Artist Canvas Board

Lets just start off by saying no I did not hike this trail, yet!  Haha…

It is a 6.9 mile loop trail located near North Bend, Washington and it looks pretty steep too me.  My daughter and I were talking about things to paint and she suggested this location.  I thought that would be a challenge so I took it on, and this is what I came up with.  Whatcha think?  Maybe one day I will go for it and hike the trail.  Lets add this to my bucket list, haha…yup I am creating a bucket list.

Well, Day 10 checked off….

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Daily Painting Day 10

    1. Yea if it is anything like turtle cove….I best be getting it done quick…haha…my legs may beg to differ…At least the beginning is climbing up, and not down a cliff…hahaha…

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