Daily Painting Day 11

“Blooms of Hope”

Today was a gorgeous day.  The weather was warm and the sky was blue.  Shopping was on the agenda and for the most part that was a bust, but that is ok.  Its been a long time since I was even in the mood to clothes shop.  It was nice to be out of the house all day though.  I saw signs of cherry blossom trees starting to bloom over the weekend with my daughter.  They are so pretty.  And today without realizing it the time has changed due to Daylight savings time.  I still don’t get the whole point of changing the time.  We never had to do that in Hawaii and now back in the mainland and I already had to do it twice.  Go figure.  What I did notice is that its getting darker much later now.  How exciting, it will feel like I have more time to get things done before it gets dark.

Since I am traveling tomorrow I figure I would do something fast and something that reminds me of the weather changing, and that is flowers.  Love them.   When you see signs of new blooms it brings excitement and hope of a beautiful spring and summer ahead.

Oh boy my first round of season changing.  How exciting!

“Blooms of Hope” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ in. Acrylic painting using a palette knife on an artist canvas board.

I knew I wanted to paint with a palette knife and that I wanted to paint some type of flower.  I was limited in time today and just wanted to do something simple and have fun with this one.  Try a different technique tonight.  I thought about the artist, Ginger Cook.  Check out her YouTube channel on her Ginger Cook 15 minute palette painting challenge.  This is where I got my idea from and then ran with it…..Just trying to keep it simple…..  I really enjoy watching her.  I did her chicken as my first painting last year.  I have to post it so you can check it out.  I ,really enjoy her videos, and love her personality!   Thank you Thank you Ginger!

I came across one of her videos and thought, perfect.  I changed it up a little bit but I really enjoy listening to her talk through her paintings.  Too funny!

Well off to sleep, got an early day off to the airport!

Day 11…lets check it off!!!! Bammmm.

Have a great day,




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