Daily Painting Day 14

“Simple Beauty”

While I sit in my hotel room in Oakland on Monday night I decided to paint this hibiscus just to keep it simple.  As I was painting the hibiscus that is when I noticed the painting by the TV.  So right after I finished the hibiscus I decided to paint the other picture which was Silent Edge.  Then when posting I chose to post the Silent Edge painting on that day and kept the hibiscus for a day that I needed to keep it simple.  Well that was yesterday.

Traveling takes its toll on a person.  From the moment I woke up the thought of getting on a plane just puts the day into a spiral.  I got to work early so I was able to get my things done, and leave at a reasonable time to avoid stressing about TSA or any airport congestion.  It actually worked out perfect.  Right before I dropped off the car I did a pit stop and took a photo of Oakland.

Martin Luther King Park, Oakland California….loving the clouds. 

When I saw the water I knew I needed to pull over and take a moment, and of course a picture!

After a few photos and enjoying the seagulls and ducks I left and went to the airport.  It was a stress free experience only because I gave myself time to stroll and not rush.

Onto the painting, by the time I got home I was exhausted.  So I was able to pull out my hibiscus and use this as my daily painting #14.

“Simple Beauty” by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x 12″ in Watercolor painting on a Watercolor Cold Press Paper.

The goal was to keep it simple and practice my colors.  This flower offers just that.  The simple beauty of this flower comes in many different colors.  I love the vibrant colors of this flower.  I learned once again that I need to keep practicing on my shading and outlining.  Things you learn as you keep painting.  Work in progress once again.  I might change the layout of the picture by adding something to this painting but for now I will enjoy the simple beauty of the hibiscus flower.

Day #14 is officially checked off….

Day #15 is my birthday so who knows what I will come up with!  We will see if I can continue to keep it simple!


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