Daily Painting Day 16

“Sit and Ponder”

Today I figured I would tackle a sketch that I did awhile back.  I was torn on the color scheme and just figure lets just see what happens.  Am I pleased with it? uh not sure.  I don’t think I am painting at my best.  Then what is my best?  I don’t think I am close to figuring that out yet.  I have several paintings that I have done in the past that I just love how it came out and then others not so much.  I guess that is just how it goes.

It was one of those days that I just wanted to paint, and the sketch was already there so I figured why not. While painting this picture I had a moment wishing I was just sitting on the chair just pondering about what my goals are in this challenge, deciding on if I love to paint, or is it short lived, should I paint the chair red, or another color, should I keep making vines or not….hahaha….squirrel!  Next I even had a moment that I thought I should just stop painting this picture.  At one point I was happy with it but then I messed up an area and had to fix it.  I should have taken a photo of it before I messed it up, oh well.  I heard in my head just keep going.  I still think I may go back and fiddle with it.

I have painted all week with watercolor.  On one hand I have been enjoying it and still undecided on which I like better and on the other it has been a learning experience.  I need to get my hand into some oil painting soon.  For now I will continue what I am doing.

“Sit and Ponder” by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x12″ Watercolor painting on watercolor cold press paper

What I realize is that daily painting takes work.  Coming up with something that is quick and easy is beyond challenging.  Committing some time to painting each day when you have such a busy schedule or when you are completely unmotivated is hard.  Is this what creating a routine is like?  Am I right on schedule?  Once I start painting I am fine, and I enjoy it.  The world around is just quiet.  I find that even though there are so many ideas out there, you kind of have to feel like painting it.  I keep saying to myself just keep painting small things.  I guess I should have put  more planning into daily painting, sketched a bunch of pictures prepping for this challenge.  I noticed that the paintings that I don’t sketch and do freehand are the ones I like the most.  I only got back into sketching and painting this year so I can’t beat myself up over what I am producing.  Especially if I want to complete something in just a few short hours.

Commitment is doing the one thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it has left you….Found this on the internet…said it was from  ~unknown  Love it!

Wow so true.  And I think that when you stay loyal to your commitment and follow through then you transform words into a reality…..deep, yea!

So does commitment unlock doors to your imagination?  Anything can happen, right?

I truly believe that the biggest commitment is the one you keep with yourself!  Stay true to your words, and yourself.

Wow, did I just now ponder about my commitment to this challenge?  hahaha  Who knows where today will take me.

Well Day 16 is done!  Moving on….check check!!!


Have a great day!





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