Daily Painting Day 17

“Cherry on Top”

My goal for today was to attempt a painting in 30 minutes.  Haha….1 hr 45 minutes later I finished the painting.  What I realize is that if I want to complete a painting in 30 minutes then I need to scale the paper size down.  When I have a large piece of paper I have the urge to go big.  So I guess I have two more challenges one is to complete my daily painting in 30 minutes and two don’t feel the need to use the whole page.

“Cherry on Top” by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x 12″ Watercolor painting on Watercolor cold press paper

Deciding on a name for this one was a bit of a challenge.  Then I started thinking about my challenge and what my goals were for this painting.  First my thought was to paint a cherry but of course it did not end that way.  If I did stay on course I am sure I would have been done in 30 minutes.  As I continued to paint one of the cherries I decided to try a bowl again, and of course it was distorted.  So I changed it into a cup of sherbert, haha.  Hence the time it took me to finish this painting, haha….So on that note the cherry on top was my final touch to this painting.  Of  course I could have kept going but decided to just stop.



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