Daily Painting Day 21

Delish on Dish

My painting a day has reached its 21 day marker.  Is this a routine?  I don’t think so yet.  I think it is a commitment I made to challenge myself to complete a painting a day.  Although, I am finding that I love to paint and I am enjoying this challenge I push myself to stick with this commitment.  My goal would be to paint more and in a much larger scale but for now I am learning, so I need to simma down now!

For today I was playing around with my watercolors again.  I have the Koi Watercolor travel kit.  It is perfect and does not require much space.  So it is easy for me to grab and play around with.  And I am having fun with watercolors so I will continue to challenge myself using this medium.

I was playing with colors and painting a couple of other small paintings but with the looks I got from my kids, I figured they were not a fan.  Its funny cause my son called in my daughter to look at my painting and he was chuckling.  She understood what I was trying to do but my son not so much!  hahaha

So they went off to bed and I decided to go with this. Later on in the evening my daughter got up and suggested where to put the wasabi and ginger.  Great suggestions….

“Delish on Dish” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ Watercolor Painting on cold press watercolor paper

Now the name is Delish on Dish because somewhere out there someone loves sushi.  If you know me then you know that I am not so much a fan at all of sushi or fish, or lets just say anything that comes from the ocean, hahahaha.

Although I do have to say this does look delish on a dish in a painting with no smells!  hahaha you get it…..

Sushi does look inviting but as soon as I taste the flavor of fish in any capacity I am done eating.  Not sure why someone would want to eat raw fish, or even seaweed but many people just love it, including my daughter….kudos to you if you do too…

Day 21 Checked off….

I will definitely do more sushi paintings because I need to practice perspective and depth in my paintings and there is plenty of that in this food dish.

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    Most definitely looks delicious 😍

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