Daily Painting Day 22

“Bright Neighborhood”

Todays painting is one that adds color to a city neighborhood.  When talking with a friend yesterday she said paint something different from what you see around you.  Well watcha think?  This is different from what I see on a daily basis.  Although there are homes that have so much color on them you wonder what were they thinking.  But when I see homes with color I think wow so different, so bold, and so fun.  Not sure I could be that bold when painting my home but they are definitely fun to look at…I think it expresses the colorful personalities that live in these homes.  To them I would say what a bold move and how I wish I could be as bold as you.

As I just finished the above sentence I started to laugh because I realized that they may be bold in the color of their homes, whereas some of my wardrobe is as bright as their homes.  hahaha.  Go figure.  I do love color, the brighter the better.  I try so many attempts to tone it down, but I am drawn to bright colors.  I think its because it makes me smile and makes me feel good.  And if that is how a person who lives in a bright house must feel when they walk up to their home than way to go!  Love it!!!  Bold is beautiful…

So my attempt of being bold is in this painting.

Well the painting of the day is:

“Bright Neighborhood” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ Watercolor painting finished on a cold press watercolor paper

This is my second attempt at a bright neighborhood.  My first painting below I did a few months back.  When painting these bright colors its hard not to smile as you are painting.  So fun!

 “Colorful Life” by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x 12″ Acrylic painting done on mixed media paper.

Thanks friend for the inspiration once again!!!!  You know who you are~

Well today is a POP day!  A BA BAM kind of day!

Hope it did its job and make you chuckle….

Day 22 painting of the day is done! Checking it off…

Have a great Friday!





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