Daily Painting Day 23


This painting was inspired by my son’s cactus.  He just received it from one of my daughters friend.  It was such a thoughtful gift given to him as well as flowers to my daughter and I just to cheer us up.  How sweet, right?  So of course my daughter wanted to bring it to work but I said no way, I want to paint it….and he said if I can paint it I can keep it…….haha…its my son’s cactus and here we are trying to claim it.  Too funny.

Anyway I attempted it but still as I can see from the end result that I see it so differently and I really need to work on my colors a lot more.  I want to be able to paint this clear but not sure how….that is something I need to learn for sure!

“Prickly”  by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ in. Watercolor painting on a cold press watercolor paper.

Day 23 is complete!  Check, Check!!!

Have a great day.






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