Daily Painting Day 25


Trees represent so many different things.  To me it represents hope, promise, strength, endurance, sacrifice, and new beginnings.  There is something that you can say when you see trees bloom and show their true colors.  It just leaves me in awe for its beauty.  Then once they shed, and let go only to wait patiently for new bloom.  I mean really, mother natures beauty just speaks volumes.  It is such a shame that we take those things for granted.  Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest I get to see the changes happening around me.  And I do have to say is wow!!!  Amazing.

Todays painting represents the promises that all things change and new growth follows.  Deep yea! hahaha

“Promises” by Doreen J. Bowers

8″ x10″ in Acrylic painting on Canvas board.

Yesterdays cherry blossom is todays red maple tree.  Honestly I am not even sure if this is a maple tree, I just was wanting to paint more trees and one that pops and I just ran with it and came up with this.  My daughter says it is gloomy, as for me I disagree but even if it is I love it!


Day 25 done!  Checking it off….

Have a great day!!!





  • Mary

    Day 25: kind of looks like a maple tree to me!😎

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