Daily Painting Day 26

“Pear Eternal Life”

Ok I have been wanting to paint a pear ever since going fruity.  I think when starting to paint almost every artist at one time or another has painted fruit and vegetables.  I guess I wanted to feel what they felt when they painted their fruits and vegetables.  Haha….Not sure what they felt but for me it was more of a lesson in painting.  The still life painting, the shadows, shapes, and perspective I wanted to capture in my pears eternal life painting.

Come to find out that the pear has many different meanings.  Did you know that the pear represents immortality because of the life longevity of the tree?  or even that hard work will be rewarded soon.  Yea I didn’t either.   But I like this meaning of a pear.  I have been working hard with 26 paintings this month.  That is so rewarding!

Certain things in life the pear can represent your responsibility in those things.  And dreaming of a pear during the off season can mean financial or health issues.  Ok let me clear something up I did not dream of any pears before painting this.  Besides it is the season that you see signs of pears blooming, hahaha.  So I am safe if I was dreaming of a pear.

Interesting that the pear and other fruits and vegetables have meaning.  Go figure.  I can go on to describe other meanings but I think you probably had enough learning lesson on the pear.

Bottom line I wanted to see if I had found inner peace once I drew the pear.  And I am here to say I did get a feeling of satisfaction that I have conquered my goal and at the same time I gave this pear its immortality…behold…. pears eternal life……hahaha….

“Pear Eternal Life”  by Doreen J. Bowers

5″x7″ Watercolor painting on watercolor cold press paper


Wow Day 26 is checked off….wow…wow…wow….

Have a great day!





  • Mary

    You more nutty than fruity…😂

    Bahahaha u so bananas

  • Rae

    That’s your most realistic looking painting, as of yet! I love it!! & had no idea that the pear had so many interesting meanings tied to it. I have always loved pears!

    • talkingcrafts

      So glad you approve. I actually enjoyed painting the pear…..thx

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