Daily Painting Day 29

“The Oceans Power”

Today is day 29, wow!  I can’t believe its the end of March.  Where does the time go?  I also cannot believe that I did 29 paintings to date.  Well in all honesty I did a few more than that but haven’t posted them yet because I am saving them for the “no time to paint days.”  Hahaha.

Backup is always good to have for the just in case moments.  Do you keep backup?  Haha that was a question from my geeky side.  Thinking about my computer and all the pictures that I have stored on here in addition to the programs and data files and backup is something that is extremely important.  Just saying this from experience….

Now doing a painting a day I realize it is important in every aspect of my life.  haha…sorry for the ramble.

So today’s painting of “The Oceans Power” is me having a moment of me missing the sound of the water crashing or rippling onto the shores. The power of the ocean sounds is just rejuvenating to ones soul.  So many times I sit at the shore just enjoying the sounds and letting go of all the stress is beyond a healing moment for me.  Got to say that I love love that sound…A friend of mine called the other day as she sat at Kealia beach….really a little bit of rubbing it in…haha only kidding.   You can just hear the sound of the ocean crashing on the shorelines.  What a beautiful sound.  She tends to call me from Anini as well as from Lae Nani and I got to say….dang I miss that sound.   Do you see a pattern?  I do….haha.  Well the powers the ocean has an amazing affect.  Being this is the first time I live so far from the ocean I will take what I can get.  Even if it is in the background of a phone call.   So to you, you know who you are…thanks for calling and sharing your peaceful moments on the shorelines.  Love it!!!!  🙂

“The Oceans Power” by Doreen J Bowers

4″ x 12″ in.  Watercolor Painting on cold press watercolor paper

Day 29….Done…checking it off…..two days left and March 2018 is gone forever.  How sad….and yet exciting because a new month begins!





  • Mary

    It’s not Hawaii ocean waves, but Washington water makes all kinds of sounds….
    Rushing rivers
    Tides on Puget Sound
    The rain
    One day take Grady to Tumwater Falls Park.
    As a kid, we’d watch the salmon swimming upstream (ladders?) to spawn.
    And It’s just a pretty place to walk around.

    Wasn’t that where your brother caught the salmon for the bbq

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