Daily Painting Day 3

“Going Fruity”

Do you ever have a moment that you say to yourself, there is not enough hours in a day to get everything done!

Well I am here to confirm those thoughts because I agree 100%.   Where does the time go?  There was so much I wanted to get done today and the day just escapes me.  For the most part I did have a great day.  And it was a beautiful day outside as well.

I went to my first sewing class, yay!  Another craft? Hobby? Skill?  Well we will see.  It was a lot of fun and very informative.  Now it is a matter of finding the time to play around on my machine. I have another class next week.  I do have a goal for me learning to master the art of sewing.   I will share my progress….. Should I make a Daily Sewing page.  hahaha.  I laugh but who knows.  When I get my time management under wraps maybe, just maybe.  I know all my friends say really Doreen another project!  Can’t you just sit and do nothing.  Nope apparently I can’t.  I do have my veg times that I sit around the TV but then I start getting antsy.

Ok…onto Day 3 of my Daily Painting.

I sat down with the painting a grape as a friend suggested in mind, but of course I went with something else…and that was just taking way longer than I thought.  So I went back to the grape idea.  Haha…but I could not stop at one.  What happen to keep it simple.  Another thing I have to get under wraps with.  haha.

“Going Fruity” by Doreen J. Bowers
Acrylic 5″x7″ Artist Canvas Board

So what do you think of the title?  It expresses my emotions over trying to come up with an art project and getting it done in the course of the day.  Thanks Rae for the grape thought!  As I was painting I could hear you say…just start with a grape…..just paint a grape today and paint an apple tomorrow!!!  It was late and I was going fruity….and gave in to the voice in my head…just paint a grape!  hahaha…

Day 3 Daily Painting…..Checked off!!!





  • Rae Banasihan

    So… Does this mean I am the voice in your head? hehe 😉 I can’t wait to see what todays painting is, but you only have a few more hours left. No pressure! 🙂 Random question before I leave you alone to paint… Does your sewing class assign homework?

    • talkingcrafts

      Yes it does Rae! and yes sewing class says practice practice….until we meet again…

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