Daily Painting Day 32

“Spring Blooms”

Here we are April has come. Spring blooms are starting to surround us. With the thought of Spring I think of warmth but it is not the case here. Sunday was a very windy and cold day and the thought of roaming around outside was not so appealing. In addition to the wind and the cold we had rain. Love the rain but love it more indoors. Later in the day it did dry up but the wind and cold air stuck around.

We went out to dinner and came home to color Easter eggs. It was a very relaxing day. I started painting early in the day but spent about two hours just painting over the same thing and not getting anywhere. I did not know what to paint. My goal was to paint something without looking at it, and I drew a blank. The two beach scenes that I did the other day was just that. I did not look at anything I just saw it when I started to paint and ran with it. So for this one I wanted to try again but something different. As I started the painting I headed for the ocean again. It seems that is my safe place. I love the cool blues and greens of the ocean. I guess it reminds me of Hawaii waters.

While I was painting I was talking with my sister just putting on the paint not knowing what I was going to do. Of course the same colors went onto the palette. It was sky and water. The water was turning into a beautiful light green color. I started to add more cool blues and that is when it started to change. i should have left it alone but I realized that this is the same as everything else and I wanted something different.

Well then it went from cool blues and teal to muddy green. Oh boy was this my emotions coming out on the canvas. hahaha. It is true that emotion expresses itself when you least expect it and are not paying attention.

I started thinking about how this painting is taking a different path but what? I put the paint brush down and enjoyed the rest of the conversation with my sister.

After we were done talking I placed the painting aside and went to dinner. Haha. When I came home I stared at it and had a few ideas but did not know how to start it. So I just set it aside and took another canvas board and started on another painting hoping that something would come up.

While I was talking to my sister and asking her what did all my paintings in the last 31 days have in common, and she said color. You like the bright colors. That I do! So I guess I have found one thing that I am drawn too so far, and that is color. Now to find my style. I think that will take a lot more time before that happens. So that brings me to this painting. More color!

“Spring Blooms” by Doreen J. Bowers

6″ x 6″ in Acrylic painting on Artist Loft acrylic canvas board.

April 1st this is how I see the days ahead. I will continue to stop and smell the flowers and embrace the beauty that surrounds me.

Alrighty then…here is to a great day ahead!




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