Daily Painting Day 33

“Ok to Indulge”

Oh boy!  Today was a day of all kinds of emotions.   Lets start with, Who likes Mondays?  Not me!!!

Next was a moment of a memory….April 2nd is my best friend from childhoods, birthday.  She just recently passed away and this is one of the first time throughout the years that I am not able to talk with her.  We would always keep in touch each year and talk about what has been going on in our lives.

She was the one that I planned my Hawaii vacation with 31 years ago, and she cancelled on me and decided to go to St. Croix with her boyfriend.  And me I decided to make my two week Hawaii vacation into my home of 31 years.  As the years pass I would always try to convince her to fly over but instead she would always head to either the Virgin Islands or Aruba….it was a much shorter trip than to fly to Hawaii.   I remember talking with her telling her that I am finally moving to the mainland, and hopefully she will finally visit me since I am closer.  She said for sure I will because it would be a lot cheaper and a shorter flight.  Unfortunately that will never happened.  Very sad, huge loss.

Then as for work did you ever have those days that you spent hours working on something only to get no where?  Ugh how frustrating.  However, toward the end of the day all was working like a charm.  And I want to say it is because I took a moment, walked away and made a pit stop at Legendary Donuts.  OMG got me some donuts….Stress eating not good…but then again it was absolutely what I needed to refocus.  Came back and bammmmmmm.  Got it done. well some of it.  Got more to do.

Next I heard news about my mom having a hard time breathing.  She took a stress test which found that she needs to go in and get more testing tomorrow.  She is strong, very strong, and overall in great health but it just upped my stress level so much more.  So in honor of all those mixed emotions today I decided to stress eat, give into a weak moment to get some kind of temporary satisfaction.  I decided that it is ok to indulge once in awhile, and ate myself some donuts.

Sorry I really did vent today.  On that note while I was painting this picture I did not realize I was missing the center…..When I was finished I was like why does this look different….  And then it hit…I need a donut hole.  What a concept.  How could I miss that.

Here is the before and after!

Before and….


“Ok to Indulge” by Doreen J. Bowers

4″ x 6″ Watercolor painting on watercolor cold press paper.


Thank you for the day to end. ..

Hopefully Tuesday is a good day!







  • Rae

    You are pretty Amazing!!! Cause you get all that going on and yet you are still out here helping people in all sorts of ways! Thankful for you!!

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