Daily Painting Day 34

Facet Feathers

Todays painting was complete therapy for me. I needed to get my mind off of the craziness of today and for the most part it worked.

Did you ever have one of those days where so many emotions were so close to the surface you could cry, yell, and even scream at sneeze. Yea that was my day.

Life sometimes throws us these curve balls that are out of our control.  Things that are truly hard to face head on and with the added obstacles that getting in the way,  it just doesn’t make it any easier to handle these things with grace.

I allowed this interference to get the best of me today.  All it took was one word that changed everything.  Even though it was not the intention or was not meant to be misinterpreted, it was.   I thought it was written with good intentions but did not realize that Trigger word would be the root of all evil. Another learning lesson for me.

So now, on top of being emotional about something, and in the heat of the moment we have to pause and filter before speaking or texting. Haha great in theory but how….. I usually speak first, react second then pause and then realize oh boy I should have walked away before all of that.  If I walked away and thought about it maybe I would have changed the wording.  One of those should have, could have moments.  Can’t change something done already.

How do we do that?

That is so hard to do for me.

So today’s painting Facet feathers is just that.

“Facet Feathers” by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x12″ in. Watercolor painting on watercolor hot press paper.

This painting has so much meaning behind it.  My emotions switched up so many times as I painted, from tears to laughter.  A friend told me you cannot control how others react.  You can only control how you react.  So on that note I need to practice exactly that.

When you speak it’s one sided until spoken.  Then without realizing the words you spoke take on a new meaning with many sides…it becomes its own component that could end up ruffling someone else’s feathers.

So if you do not want to ruffle anyone’s feathers….breathe! breathe again!!!  oh yea…breathe again.  Look at what you want to say and pause….make sure you remove all trigger words.  And if you do not see any trigger words put yourself on the other side of that message and see how you would respond if you read it.

You have to remember that not everyone takes light of things, or takes what you say as words, and just that.  You need to remember everyone interprets things differently so you have to take all that into consideration as you respond to something.

Ok now do this when you are under pressure , freak- out mode to the max or just extremely emotional.  hahaha….that is the challenge of the day!

This is me sharing my emotions of the day.  Got to say each day is a new day…start fresh and see where it takes us.  If you read this I hope you know that I truly mean only the good, not intended to put any jabs anywhere…I only mean well not trying to hurt anyone.  Why can’t people read that emotion in a text, or a call, or a letter.  Again it goes back to what my friend said, you only can be accountable for yourself.  Oh boy heavy day!

So my suggestion is sit down and get creative.  Design something.  Get your mind off doing something else so you can calm down.  Then when and if you are ready then respond properly without those triggers, and without misinterpretations in your words.

Ok…on that note Have a great Day!!!!




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