Daily Painting Day 35

“Take a Moment”

Today was overall a better day however choosing something to paint was very challenging.  I wasn’t feeling anything.  I had a long day of work and finally when I had time to sit down and think of what to paint I just drew a blank.  But I do have to say if I haven’t already said this that there is something relaxing about getting away from the computer to sit in front of a blank canvas.  Don’t get me wrong there is that moment of frustration when you are looking for something to paint instead of letting the brush just take you where it wants to go.  I am not at that point in my painting journey.  I have tried several times to attempt the whatever strikes me feel and although I have succeeded in a few I will just say I have many canvases with backgrounds prepped.  Haha

My sister suggested many different ideas but nothing was hitting me.  Although she did suggest that since I like color add it to anything, change it up!  I don’t have to try to make something realistic as a photo, which I do not think I have been able to achieve so far, but that is ok.  I do find myself trying.  I saw this photo with so many bright colors and was drawn to it.  I knew at that moment I wanted to paint some colors.  Not sure what but figured out the palette…all of the colors.  I need to figure out how to get my paints to looks so bright like that.  I don’t think its possible to do that when I mix colors.  Things I need to learn.  But for now that’s ok….I am using what I have.


“Take a Moment” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ in. Watercolor painting on Arches Hot Press Watercolor paper

So this painting is me taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers…hahaha….playing with a flower and just letting the brush make its strokes with plenty of color.  I think I achieved just that.  It definitely pops.

Here is my painting for today!

Have a great day!




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