Daily Painting Day 38


I completed my painting for today and decided before I post it I should just look at what I haven’t posted yet.  I started to notice paper piling up and I want to avoid this.  Keeping organized is a craft in itself so if I don’t stay on top of things it can completely get out of hand.  As I was looking over what I have done since day one of this daily painting challenge I do have a few paintings that I just set aside not knowing when I would even post them.

I decided to set aside the one from today and choose one of the other paintings.  The reason being is this challenge is to watch me grow in my painting journey, showing my progress of painting from day one to date.  The only way I can accurately do this is to not hold onto paintings for too long.

“Growth” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ in. Watercolor painting on watercolor paper.

I want to be able to document my experiences through this process.  The only way I am going to learn and grow is to paint many different ways, learn from mistakes, finish what I start and see where it takes me, and not be afraid to share the journey.

Well then on that note, have a great day!  My goal for today is to take photos of some of my products and get posting them to Etsy.  Wish me luck!




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