Daily Painting Day 39

Hey Chickadees

The painting a day today is Hey Chickadees.  I decided to play around with colors and post my Chickadee painting that I did the night before.  I need to learn so many techniques and with completing a painting a day I am findig it challenging to do that as well.  So I played around with shading but only did this for a short period because I really wanted to focus on taking photos and putting up some coasters onto my Etsy page.  Well happy to report I did just that.  I realized that putting things on Etsy is time consuming.  I need to remember baby steps.  One thing at a time.  Prepping for photos, and staging the photo shoot is a whole other project in itself.

I got a few things up yesterday and will continue to upload more.

School is back in today!  Yay spring break is over.  I have so much work to do today and then I will start my painting for today.  After a full day of working on the computer, a night of painting is so relaxing.  Taking the time yesterday to work on my Etsy shop was much needed.  Time management is something I need to really master to help me achieve my goals.  And oh boy I got a checklist of things I want to do but are having trouble finding the time to get it all done.  Baby steps.

“Hey Chickadees” by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x 12″ in. Watercolor painting on Arches Hot press Watercolor Paper

Have a great day!




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