Daily Painting Day 40


As I sit here typing the painting of the day is at 40…wow my mind is just blown away that I produced a painting everyday for 40 days straight.  The paintings have varied in size and shape which as well as watercolor versus acrylic.  Looking back I did way more watercolor than acrylic.  Interesting!   But is it?  I need to change it up.  Looking at my last 40 paintings I realize each painting is so random.  I guess that is ok because that is what happens, you paint what you feel at that moment.  So I am thinking that to master something you must be repetitive, right?  So lets see.  I want to add to my challenge of becoming a daily painter and I am going to paint something in the same category for the next 10 days to see how I progress in that area.

So on that note, I need some help.  Lets see who if anyone is reading my daily posts and not just looking at my paintings, which is ok but love some feedback too.  🙂

The categories for example could be flowers, scenery, trees, animals, beach scenes, etc.  Any suggestions?

I will decide tonight and start the painting for day 41, Tuesday, April 10, and go 10 days painting in the same category.  Lets see how I do.


Re-Energize by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x 12″ in. Watercolor painting on Arches Hot Press Watercolor paper

I know you probably noticed that I have done several beach scenes.  I love the ocean.  I am a pisces you know.  Haha .  I miss the ocean love the ocean and I guess I am just drawn to the ocean.  So why not draw the ocean.  Could this be my next 10 days?  Chuckle!!!  Maybe…who knows unless I get some suggestions it might just be.

We will see…

Have a great day!




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