Daily Painting Day 41


So yesterday I wanted to choose a category to paint for the next ten days.  I was hoping to get suggestions but how can one get that when right now this blog is mainly for myself to document progress.  It takes time for you to get known out there and there are so many daily painters that I am probably one out of thousands.  That is ok.  I am doing this for myself to grow and document my experience through the process.

I was talking with my daughter telling her about what I wanted to accomplish and of course she suggests painting eyes.  OMG my first challenge is eyes.  I started to do just that but of course I cannot stop at eyes and painted the whole face.  And of course I did not like it one bit.  Painting eyes is definitely a great challenge but I think I am going to do that challenge in sketching, and do another in painting.  I will post the eyes I created later.

I decided to do the painting on landscape with the focus of trees.  I want to practice different types of trees since most of the trees seem to turn out the same.  haha.  And I think trees is a great first challenge.  We will see what happens by the end of the ten days, and go from there.

“Vitality” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ in. Watercolor painting on watercolor cold press paper

Trees represent so many things too me.  I though vitality would say it all from renewal, to strength, energy and the continuance of life.



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