Daily Painting Day 42

The Journey

Painting trees is not as easy as I thought for my first ten day challenge. Not that I wanted a really easy challenge but I figured it would be easier than painting eyes. hahaha. Day 2 of this ten day challenge was fun. I just started to paint with something in mind and it took a turn as I was painting. I think this is one of those paintings that you need to step back…ok step back a little further and hopefully appreciate it from there. If not step back a little further. hahahaha. After I was done with the painting I realized something was still missing. Then it came to me a road! To take the journey you need a path to lead you right? After I added the road I was much more pleased with the results.

“The Journey” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x 7″ in. Watercolor painting on cold press paper

So far most of my paintings I did not sketch out first. Maybe that is why I get the results I get. By the time I sit down and paint I don’t have patience for sketching. Sketching for me is time and taking the time to do the detail. Each time I sit in front of a blank canvas and think of what I want to paint I choose things that don’t need sketching. I need to try things different and sketch a few things and paint them. If you paint, do you sketch each time? Or do you just jump right in and paint? Love to know how others approach their art pieces.

Have a great day! Embrace the journey!!!!!!




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