Daily Painting Day 43

The Quiet Drive

The thought of driving down a road like this brings a sense of calmness, doesn’t it?

The quiet drive with only the sounds of nature would be so peaceful right now.

I know we get caught up in the daily grind of life that we sometimes do not appreciate our surroundings.

This has happened so many times while I lived on the islands that finally I made a promise to myself a while back to stop, and take in the moment.

I just love sunset and sunrise….When I lived on the west side I would love the view of the sunset and the ocean as we drove home.  And when I lived on the east side, the early morning sunrise colors when driving down the mountain.  You can see the ocean when you pass the waterfall.  The palm trees in front of the sunrise was just amazing.  I remember as I sat in traffic I would roll down the window and enjoy the fresh air and its surroundings.   Then when it came to the weekends I would sometime take a drive just to appreciate living on the island.  I am so glad I did that.  Now I need to continue that momentum here in the mainland.  Sitting in traffic on the freeway is a lot different considering we have freeways here and did not on Kaua’i.  But I do notice when I drive on the side roads I really appreciate the different color trees, and then there is that random mountain that appears on a clear day.  It looks like it is a painting, just love it.  I use the GPS to get to most places that are new but even with a GPS I get sidetracked if I see something pretty.  I follow the scenery sometimes and then I need the GPS to get back on track.  I will follow the road to see where it takes me.  Of course I am way more hesitant only because some areas look at bit sketchy, so I do not go.

“The Quiet Drive” by Doreen J. Bowers

5″ x7″ in Watercolor painting on cold press watercolor paper.   I will find that quiet drive again.  And when I do I will embrace the silence.

Day 3 of trees and landscape

Have a great Friday the 13th.




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