Daily Painting Day 46

Establishing Roots

To establish roots you must start with a foundation.  From there you plant the seed, take care of it and roots shall grow.  Its funny cause I saw a painting at the dentist office (haha, roots…get it) of a house but with no trees surrounding it.  It was a simple painting but I was so drawn to it.  Very rare if ever do you see a home with no trees or some type of greenery surrounding it.  Well unless you live in the city and all you see is cement.  Even then there is still some common area that has some type of trees.

“Establishing Roots” by Doreen J. Bowers

9″ x 12″ in. Watercolor painting on Arches Hot Press Water color paper

To build a home with a strong foundation you must start establishing roots.  A place you can call home and build a life.  All this takes time.  I thought I was doing that living in Hawaii for 30+ years but something changed when my daughter left home.  At that moment life changed and I knew that if she never moved home I could see myself leaving too.  After that my sister put in my ear that she was ready to leave Hawaii too.  The thought of me and my son by ourselves in Hawaii was something I could not picture.  It all hit home for me.  I knew I did not have a strong enough foundation in Hawaii that could keep me there.  I am so grateful for all that Hawaii has done for me but I was ready to move forward and establish roots somewhere.  A fresh start in somewhere new.

It brings me too me moving to the mainland to re-establish my roots in a whole new place. And I think I have found the place in the PNW.  So far I do love this place, love my new home, and love having my kids back together.  I always thought once I left Hawaii I would move back to my childhood town and continue where I left off.  But after living in Hawaii I realized I was never going back.  I thought if I moved back there it was like going backwards and I did not want to do that.  I wanted to keep moving forward.  It is all in the journey right?


Well on that note, Have a great day…make the best of it!





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