Daily Painting Day 50

Appreciate the View

OMG 50!!!!  Wow fifty paintings.  I am so shocked that I reached the big 50.  More excited that I painted 50 paintings then I could remember turning 50…hahaha.

On another note I just realized that I did not post yet…So here I am getting it done.  Only hours from when I get on a plane.  No pressure.

So although I have 50 paintings I am at number 9 on painting trees with some type of landscape.  Another challenge ready to check off my list.  I have finished the number 10 and will post tonight or tomorrow.  I really have to focus and get myself finish packing, hahaha.    Ok so my next few days is going to be hectic.  I did paint a couple more just in case I can’t get myself up to paint.  I am traveling to NY to visit my mom and be with her while she goes through a major surgery.  I will continue to paint because I got to say this is a great outlet for me.  This is definitely a calming experience.

So here is me taking the moment right now to appreciate the view.

“Appreciate the View” by Doreen J. Bowers

4″ x 9″ in Watercolor painting on cold press paper


Have a great day.




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