National Holiday Daily Painting

Celebrating National Holidays around the World

……now this is a way to start back on my daily paintings using Watercolors, ink and whatever will inspire me at that moment!

I have continued to paint since my first challenge of painting everyday for a month but the posting it has fell off the grid.  I got to say creating a habit is something that takes work.  I have several things going on in my life that adding blog posting was something that I let go and realized now how much I am missing it.  However I am back!  This is my journal of my journey and I found myself writing it in my paper journal versus on the computer.  With so many changes going on I realize organization has been set aside.  They say a habit takes at least three weeks and I am here to say no I think it becomes a habit after doing it consistently for at least six months.  So that is my goal to see if that statement is true.

Ok so for September 1st the National Holidays are:

  • World Beard Day
  • National No Rhyme nor reason day
  • National Talgaiting Day
  • Ginger Cat Day
  • National Chicken Boy Day

And on another note it is my son’s birthday today…What a day to start this challenge

Now to my daily painting I chose “Ginger Cat Day” with the help of doodlewash!  Thank you for the push I needed.

Sept 1 2018 Ginger Cat Day

I had a cat name Cheese that just passed away this past Christmas Eve.  Very sad because he was only about 7 years old.  He was fine one day and then Christmas Eve he had a stroke.  Very sad.  He was a beautiful Ginger Cat.  My son named him when he was 3yrs old.  And when he chose Cheese as the name my daughter and I just thought that was just the cutest.

So in honor of him  We miss you Cheese~  Ok I know that picture is not him but he was in my thoughts as I painted the picture.

Daily Painting 58 is a jump from when I first started my daily paintings.  Even though I have been painting regularly alot has happened since Day 57 of my daily painting.  So instead of starting over I decided to continue on with how I number these paintings.

Happy Birthday Grady…Mom loves you!



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