Daily Painting Day 6

“Refine Emotions”

The daily painting challenge has opened my eyes to what an artist must experience when they sit in front of a blank canvas.  I too am experiencing that same feeling.  I am sure everyone experiences a creative block at some point.

Sitting in front of a blank canvas not knowing what to paint is just mind boggling.  That was my experience for this painting, well actually every painting so far.  I started painting a canvas with a direction in mind, but then I did not like how it was coming out, so I painted over it.  Well I did that several times until I gave into my frustration, and walked away, asking myself, “Why can’t I be creative?”

Why have I not figured out what I enjoy painting and just do it. I know I am expecting too much after 6 paintings but that is me.

I have to accept that over time and practice the ideas will flow out of me. And until then I must keep practicing.

The internet offers many great ideas, photos, and suggestions.  I just have to be patient with myself, look at photos to gain inspiration and then run with it.  Easier said then done because I still have a hard time choosing what to paint.

Go figure!!!

For today’s painting I finally chose a field of lavendar.

“Refine Emotions” by Doreen J. Bowers

8″ × 10″ in. Acrylic painting on artist canvas board.

 The lavender flower represents refinement, grace, and elegance.  How suiting for my current emotions today.

Over time and as I continue my daily paintings, I will improve each day, experience many different emotions but I will try to do it with grace and elegance, haha…

I will say one thing that as I finally made my decision on what to paint and started on the purple I was much more calmer and relaxed as I finished this piece.

Ok Doreen, note to self…keep it simple….You have to start somewhere!

Day 6 check check..

What to paint tonight?  Any suggestions my head is already spiraling.  I have my second sewing class today.  Haha. I will use that time to think of something else I can do today.

Have a great day.




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