Daily Painting Day 7

“Let Me In”

When deciding on the name for the picture I was originally going to call it “The Unknown”.  In a way what is on the other side of the door is unknown, so why not.  And right now, that title was fitting for what is going on in my life.

So many changes happening that I feel like I am standing in front of this door deciding if I should open it to the unknown or turn around and stay with the familiar.  Decisions are hard sometimes but if you want change you have to take a chance.  Being in limbo is not a good feeling, but this limbo is not too bad because you got one side that is encouraging and the other side that wants to welcome you but is not completely clear of what is going to happen next.  Does that make sense?  Hard to explain this one without saying too much detail.  I know I will open that door to the unknown because, why not…it is a chance I have to take.  And since it is a pretty door, I got to believe that great things will come on the other side, right?

After dropping my son off at school I started singing that song…Someone’s knocking at my door, someone is ringing the bell, do me a favor, open the door, and let ’em in….and thought Oh Perfect!!!  “Let Me In”

All day I thought of different ideas and came up blank.  Rae mentioned a sketch I did with a doorway and vines, and thought why not.  When I sat down to paint, I realized my sketch was in another room, ugh!  Nope I did not get up to go get it because I was all ready to paint, now!  So instead of getting my sketch I searched the Internet for different ideas.  Yeah I know, can I get any lazier, hahaha.  In my defense it was already late.

I came across a YouTube video from one of my favorite artists, Angela Anderson.  She is so helpful and shares her painting techniques live. I love all her paintings, and her personality is so nice that she is easy to listen too and learn from.   I have done a couple of her tutorials and will post them as time goes by.  If you want to see the video that I used as a reference please go to Angela Anderson’s  youtube Rustic Stone Doorway YouTube page.

I decided I would follow some of her ideas from her video/and a picture she had and use it as a reference.  On my painting I added a few things to change it up a bit.

“Let Me In” by Doreen Bowers

8″ x 10″ in Acrylic Painting on a Stretched Canvas

Day 7 – Wow 1 week completed….I can check it off!!! Then again to think only one week in, wow!  Creating a routine is a challenge in itself, coming up with new ideas is another.  Bring it on!!!  I am up for this challenge because it is helping me in other areas too.  Ready for Week 2 what will I paint?

Have a great day!




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