Daily Painting Day 8

“Turning Point”

As I sit in front of the canvas I had a specific scene in mind.  But as I started to paint I realize I struggle with dimension and how to fit this scene on such a small canvas.  Major struggle with that.  I did attempt it but did not push through those feelings and keep going because I just wasn’t feeling it.  I guess this is another thing I need to work on.  So instead, I painted over it and started again.  This time with nothing in mind I just started playing with my blues and whites…I have so much to learn that I just figure just keep painting and see what comes out.  I still need to touch this one up, but I wanted to post my progress.

“Turning Point” by Doreen Bowers

5″ x 7″ Acrylic painting on artist canvas board

The turning point to this painting was realizing how much I needed this challenge, and what this challenge is doing for me personally.  Once I start painting I find this calmness, a happy place, and the world around me is tuned out.  And I got to say with a day like today, I needed some tuning out.  I am learning so much about painting in such a short time.  The bottom line is I am having fun.  A purpose!

This challenge has gotten me out of a funk I have been in since I moved here.  So many changes I have gone through in the last year, and now I just need to catch up.  The first year of starting over in somewhere new can be challenging.  I kept feeling like something was missing, haha oh yea my life…my routine, my friends, and my family.  I am definitely not complaining because in my new place I have my kids with me and that is huge, my family back together again.  Been waiting a long time for that to happen again.   The rest of my life here will come in time.  Just like painting it takes time….baby steps…taking yourself out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself.

Sorry was having a moment!

On to my painting, I need to practice other mediums.  So over the weekend I will need to decide what to add to my daily painting.  I need to practice on techniques.  I also need to challenge myself to try new techniques, and learn what I like and don’t like.

So on that note, Day 8 done…check it off!!!

Have an amazing Friday!





  • Mary

    Hi D, I think you are doing a fine job and I def, above all, respect the honesty in your work and words.
    I love that you’re gonna keep your blog moving in this direction and with that said, I’m gonna call your work “honest art.” Sharing your thoughts, painting your heart and soul out there for all to see, is very cool. You are true to you, and your work is a very appropriate tribute to this, especially on a belated Happy Women’s Day!
    You r a Chingona, fo sho!

    • talkingcrafts

      Awwwwww…Thank you for that…..Happy Belated Womens Day to you too!

  • Kolina

    Wow! Amazing work! Everyday is a new and interesting paint. Keep up the good work !

    • talkingcrafts

      Wow….Thanks so much! 🙂

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