Daily Painting Day 9

“Freedom to Sway”

So the motto of “keeping it simple” is something I need to start chanting as I sit and paint.  I realize that if I do not, then I won’t complete the painting in one day.  And that is ok.  Several times as I sit and paint I didn’t want to waste the paint that I dumped onto my palette so I have another small canvas that I prep using some of the paint.  I figure I can try to create two paintings at one time.  Ha over-achiever, yea not so much…just trying to stretch the paint that I would be wasting if I do not do that.  There was only one day so far this week that I completed two small paintings.  That was only because I started painting earlier in the night.  It actually felt really good to have an extra piece.

So for Day 9 I am posting this painting.  My daughter told me mom you can’t do that because you said you are going to paint daily, which means you paint and post that picture you painted that day onto your blog.  That is cheating if you post something you did another day……hahaha…too cute.  Talk about putting the pressure on.  So on that note I am here to say I won’t post old paintings that I have done before the daily painting challenge, but may post some that I painted at the same time as others during the challenge.   Right now since my life is pretty much this, painting daily is ok but hopefully when I get a life outside of the house then I may need to use ones that I painted and not posted yet.  Haha….

Of course last night was another very late start because I went out to eat with my daughter and then came home and got side-tracked completing my travel plans to San Francisco next week.  Got to say, making travel plans is overwhelming….decisions, decisions.  I got enough decisions to make deciding what to paint…hahaha….now travel plans.  Oh wait, just realized I am getting out of the house! hahaha

So by the time I started painting was late.  Then I had to leave to pick up my son at his friends about an hour into painting.  By 12:30a I had to put the brush down.  On that note, the piece I was working on is not done, and in really rough form so I am not ready to post it.  But I will by the end of Day 10.

“Freedom to Sway” by Doreen J. Bowers

5: x 7″ in. Acrylic Painting painted on Artist canvas board

So this painting was one that I completed with another as to not waste paint this week.  The title Freedom to Sway makes me think of the freedom to choose….the flexibility….too sway back and forth.  The freedom to move how I like in my painting.  Does that sound right?  Coming up with titles is another challenge.  Jeez I am just putting myself out there in all levels….no pressure, right? haha.

My goal is to become a daily painter, to learn from each thing I paint and grow as an artist….  I realize now that I may not complete a project in one day.  Of course I want to try but it is ok to work on bigger pieces as I realistically prepare myself for posting unfinished work.  And I got to say that is hard to do.

By posting really raw unfinished work on the Internet makes me feel vulnerable.  I know I am at the beginning stages of my paintings and learning from my mistakes is part of the process.  Taking constructive criticism is another part of the process but can I handle that completely.  I can handle some but it just depends.

When my son and daughter come into the room to see what I am painting and it is totally at the beginning stages, they smile and make a huh sound.  My daughter is kind with her words for the most part because she knows that it is still in raw stages, but my son, not so much.  He looks at my reference picture and he is like, Mom that is not even close, really mom, your painting is going to look like that picture, and then he gives me a big smile!  I laugh and say go away, don’t judge yet!  So how could I let others judge me and make comments?

Vulnerability is not my strong suit!

I guess this challenge or this mission I am on to find myself in my painting will expose some of my vulnerability through what I am doing here.  And I need to prepare and welcome all comments.

On a great note as the author to this site I get to approve the comments, and can choose to hold back on the not so nice comments.  hahaha.

That gives back the control, doesn’t it.

So please, all I ask is filter your comments as I filter how I word things on these pages to avoid being to harsh on myself.  🙂

Well have a great day!

Daily Painting #9 checked off!!!




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