Hi Everyone…Welcome to Talking Crafts

Hi Everyone…Welcome to Talking Crafts

My name is Doreen and I just started this blog to talk about crafting and other topics that may peak my interest as time goes on.

But first a little bit about me….I just made a huge move relocating from Hawaii to the West Coast just to bring my family back together and to make a big change in my life.   I have two children, a daughter in the military and a son who is ten years old.   After 30 plus years and raising my daughter as a single child I thought why not make the move so the kids can be together again.  I did not think my daughter was going to move after high school let alone the military but she did and here I was raising another single child.  I wanted them to be near each other so I decided it was time to make that happen.

While I lived on the islands I had a full-time job, raised my children, went back to school, and dabbled in crafting.  And I am still doing all this however I am just finishing up my very last class toward the Masters program.  I can’t believe I am almost done with school.  It has been a long journey since I started from the beginning in 2009.

Not sure how I juggled so much in a day but I truly believe crafting was my down time.  I loved doing craft fairs over there and look forward to continuing over here in the States.  I think for now I am just going to scope them out to see what is out there and take this downtime to play with my crafting.

Today is a new beginning to the blogging world.  I want to share my experiences through this process.  Why not throw something else into the pot.

So what better way to do that but to start a blog and give it a whirl!

On that note …..Hello World….Dream Big!  Create!  Inspire!  and Love every moment of the day~


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