How to spend a day with the kids

How to spend a day with the kids

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and my birthday March 15th  I spent my birthday having such an amazing day with my kids.  I wanted to do something different and I totally achieved my goal.  This year birthday request I suggested going on a  Leprechaun Quest.

If only I took a picture of my kids faces, Classic!  Their response, “We are going to do what?”  LOL

We are going to drive an hour and a half to walk around a town looking for leprechaun figurines.  They thought I was nuts.  LOL get it nuts “Squirrel” I introduce you to “Squirrellyartmama!” 

Ok back to the topic:

They agreed only because it was my birthday and I knew my kids would do most anything I suggested.   So if you ever want to do something different with your kids and they are the type that says it is your day what ever you want to do!  Run with it.  Do something different.  Go on the search for the largest frying pan or the oldest tree, why not.  Whatever is in your neck of the woods. It is worth it.  A different adventure like this with the kids is a memory that will last forever.

So we got up early and drove to the historic town of Snohomish Washington. 

Exactly what I was looking for.  Over 21 stores in the town had hidden little leprechaun figurines somewhere in their stores.  The rules of the quest was to find 15 of the 21 leprechauns to enter the Pot of Prizes drawing.  Not sure what you win but that was not my goal.  My goal was to find all of the leprechauns and my kids were totally on board once the quest began.  Yup overachievers.  We had so much fun and we came across some amazing stores.


Do you see the leprechaun?

This town has so many antique stores.  If only I new the value on some of their items.  I knew they were old but boy oh boy if you are looking for antiques, you must check out Snohomish Washington.   I got to say the stores in this town were so fun,  eclectic, artsy, rustic, and super cute.  I will definitely return. 

We ate at Picadilly Circus  and the food was delicious.  It is a bar restaurant.  They were participating in the Leprechaun quest which got us to go in but what got me wanting to eat their was their sign.

and what made us stay was the special of the day and the welcoming ambiance.  They greeted us as we walked in.  Her name was Montana, she was a Shepard and her pal Alfie was an Australian Shepard.  Service dogs.  Such amazing dogs and very well mannered.  Wish they can train my dogs  Yes dog lovers in the house.

 The kids had burgers and fries and I had their special which was corned beef and cabbage. It was sweet, tender, and just perfectly cooked. Another reason I knew it was good food because my son ate every bite.  He never does that.

You know how kids are, brutally honest and not ashamed to voice their opinion.

Once we finished with our adventure we walked over 5600 steps.  Yup I counted. We had so much fun and we got our walking in..

There was a pie place, a yogurt store, ice cream store, some winery stores, antique stores, and gift trinkets all who participated in this event.  If you are in the area go check the neighborhood out what a great find.

And as an extra bonus we stumbled on a tree stump that has been sitting in front of Carnegie Library Building in the north end of town in Snohomish since 1940.  The reason they are protecting it by the building that surrounds it was because this tree was approximately 620 years old when it was cut down.  Wow! 

620 year old tree stump in Snohomish County

What is so funny was this tree stump was on my list of different things to do in Washington. The adventure continues.

The last stop was an amazing book store in a log cabin. How cool is that!

My daughter suggested this would be a good book for me to read. What do you think? Today I am 54 years old! Is this something to consider?

On that note, hope you have a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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