How to Stay Committed to a Routine

How to Stay Committed to a Routine

This title is so suitable for all that I am going through right now.  How does one stay committed to a daily routine?  How does one create a routine and stick with it?  How many days repeating a system does it become a routine? When does it all come a routine?

That is my question for the day!  So how does a new habit become a routine?  Or when does the habit be called a routine?  Haha just a few more questions.  Do you have the answer?

I have googled the heck out of those questions and so many different answers I have found.  I have heard people say if you do it for three weeks it becomes a routine.  Yea I am not a believer.  It may become easier to do each day but you can easily lose focus and get sidetracked.

So my theory is that commitment is the key to how you can establish a routine.  If you want it to become a routine than you have to fight through those moments of “I am not in the mood” or “I will do it later.”  If you keep it up every day and force yourself to just do it now then you have a fighting chance of it becoming a routine.

I know that if that switch comes on in my head of something I want than it is easier to achieve the goal.  You really got to want it for it to become a reality.  I could say create a list of things to do and check it off as you do them.  But even that has to become a routine, something you make a routine.  Checklists will help you remember all the things you have to do, and it can help you focus on one line at a time if you get overwhelmed.

Think about those goals that you need to do but you don’t want too.  I won’t even name them because you know what I am talking about.  Journaling can help you figure out what is important in your life.  But remember if you journal be honest with your journal and don’t just write certain things down.  Haha I have done that with food journals.  Too funny.  If I snuck in a few pieces of candy I would write down one.

So basically what I am saying is to create a routine you must develop some type of commitment to that goal.  If you really want it you can have it, just manifest it.  It will get easier over some time and become part of your daily routine.  Good luck with that!  Love to hear how you think about creating a routine?  And what you did for it to become a reality?


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